Philips Airfloss Vs Waterpik Recommendation

Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone can kindly recommend one or the other for dental flossing …

Thanks so much!



    I can't speak for the Waterpik, but i think the Airfloss is great. I always hated and neglected manual flossing, but the Airfloss I have no issues with, been using it for the last 2years or so.

    Does a good job of flushing out food bits and have gotten good feedback from Dentist about my gum health, so it is doing a decent job.


      May I ask about the water pressure of the airfloss, is it strong/powerful? The pressure doesnt bleed/hurt your gums right?

      I'm thinking of getting this one:

      so cheap, especially after cashback and cashrewards lol

      Thanks heaps for the feedback :)


        Ooo that looks fancy, i didn't know they have an ultra version!

        Mine is just the regular one with the green tips. The pressure is quite strong, the water can shoot a burst up to 2m if you happen to miss your mouth lol.

        But it feels like just the right amount of pressure when its between your teeth, no discomfort.

        I do get some occasional bleeding from it but I think that's more to do with my own gum health. The more I use it the less bleeding i get.

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    I have the Waterpik myself although another family member has the Airfloss. Waterpik is a bit of hassle as the water is ejected from your mouth but I feel it does a better job than the Airfloss.

    An actual piece of dental floss is better than both for cleaning though for me. The Waterpik just means I justify to myself that I can go longer in between dental floss applications.


      I actually own a waterpik and i find the water pressure too strong that it makes my gums bleed & a bit sensitive after :/ so I was thinking of the Airflosser instead :)

      Agreed, dental floss is better! Though sometimes the airfloss/waterpik can be used for hard to reach spots.


        The Waterpik I have has an adjustment knob for water pressure. I don’t turn it up so high it hurts.


          Same as above - mine has water pressure settings


    Just dont get the water reservoir with the airfloss. I have had two where the pump has failed on it. Phillips just shrugged their shoulders and told me to STFU


    I have this version of the waterpik from Costco, it comes with a travelling version as well. It is on special at the moment but you need the membership.

    My dentist says you should use these in conjunction with dental floss. I would also use warm water rather than cold water. This one is pretty good because it comes with a pressure variability knob.


      Thanks, i will look into this one :)

      My waterpik only has 2 pressures and both are very strong!


    Check out the Panasonic EW1611. It looks superior to the others, I've just thrown out my waterpik after it fell apart after a year of moderate use and I wasn't even happy with it when it was working.

    It's currently on sale at Amazon but may get cheaper on Friday.


      ooooh i didnt know Panasonic has ones!

      yeh i own a waterpik and i cant say im a fan of it myself.

      will look into this!!!