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Clint Eastwood - Director's Collection [Blu-Ray] AUD $19.50 + Delivery & Other Box Set Deals


A couple of multi-movie box set deals that I managed to find on Amazon UK (all have had recent price drops).

For those not used to shopping on Amazon UK, all UK Blu-ray's will work in Australian Blu-ray players (as we're in the same Blu-ray region). Prices shown below have VAT already removed (it's removed at the last checkout step), and currency conversion is courtesy of Google. Prices do not include shipping (spend over £25 at Amazon UK to get free shipping to Australia).

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    Found another

    Werner Herzog collection:
    Encounters at the End of the World
    Grizzly Man
    White Diamond
    La Soufriere
    Flying Doctors of East Africa



    What? No 'Million Dollar Baby'?


    So hard to look at Mr Clintwood's first-name in the thumbnail…

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    The Stanley Kubrick and Superman box sets are £21.97 which is about ~AUD $35 (not $28.42)

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      Did you remove 20% VAT from the price (see description)?


        Ah yes, I must have overlooked that VAT deduction sorry. Picked up the Stanley Kubrick box set, a bargain at ~$30 delivered.


    i only want gladiator and the robinhood is very boring.
    clint eastwood's collector seem very good, but i agree swapping farther's flag with million dollar baby will make it ever better. i am sort of sick of those gloomy vietnam war movies (if i remember correctly what the flag is talking about. anyway, watched it before, not terribly boring, but still dont like it)

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