Snaffle Renting iPhones - Installing Blocking Technology

There is a new business that rents you products. I was looking at getting the iPhone Pro 12 and the rent is about $143 a month over 2 years ($3432). Seems to be a high mark up for the advantage of renting.

But here is an interesting tidbit that I found in the FAQ section of the site:

How does blocking technology on my mobile phone work?
Blocking Technology has been added to your mobile phone, allowing Snaffle to locate your handset if it gets lost, disable the device if it is stolen, and send a message to the person with the phone if stolen.

We may also use this technology should there be payments overdue on your rental, in which case you should contact us immediately on 1800 199 285.

Snaffle will not use the Blocking Technology to view, use or transmit any information on your handset.

I wonder where and when this blocking tech is installed? Seems sus to me.


  • Probably just find my iPhone and IMEI block.

  • These rental companies exist to make money. The odds of people who have to "rent" an iPhone missing payments is very high, so the payments have to be high to counteract this. If people can't figure out that $3.5k for an iPhone is a rip off, they are dumb enough to sign up for this.

    I'd you want a laugh, check out RT Edwards reviews on productreview. We really need better maths teachers in some schools.

    • I would never use a parasite company like this. But there are people who do, and I am sure they only do so as they have no other options to pay something out in full.

      • No, it's because they have no financial literacy for some reason. Does someone who can't afford an iPhone 12 upfront, and who has to "rent" it, really need an iPhone 12?

  • They are just trying to scare you into not stealing it.

  • I dunno, I'd guess Snaffle owns the phone until you have paid it all off.

  • thats not possible with iPhones unless you sign into iCloud and turn on 'find my iPhone' (which you can always just sign out of)

    • It's absolutely possible, mate; there's hundreds of Mobile Device Management suites available for iOS.

  • Its not find my phone, its actual third party software they install on the phone.

    I wonder what they do when it comes to other technology? A secretly hidden tracking device in the laptop maybe?

  • What's stopping you from wiping the phone and software? Or going to an Apple store if it has an issue and getting a replacement?

  • Device manager technology has been around for years! We use it for the phones (iPhones) that our company provides employees - and yes, it can do everything mentioned above including remote erasure of all content on the phone.

  • Probably a combo of DEP and an MDM

  • Why don't you just get a 24 months contract from any other telco for less? And you get to own it.

    • These companies prey on those with bad credit ratings, they rely on people not being able to get a contract and will 'rent' them just to have the latest phone.