Can you please help me navigate Dell Monitors please?

Hi Ozb,

I have a Dell P2419H monitor that I was given from work (presumably to keep). My partner has just been advised that they have a $200 allowance to purchase a monitor of choice.

I was hoping to get the exact same monitor as mine so that they look aesthetically pleasing when placed next to each other. But there are 3 issues:

  1. I can't seem to find this monitor for sub $200. Paying the difference out of pocket, is not an option
  2. I believe USB C monitors are better preferred as they may be able to charge at the same time, and can future proof. I don't believe this is USB C.
  3. Although this monitor looks reasonably good to me, I'm not sure if it actually is a good monitor. (I'm not tech savvy)

My main question to you, is can you please recommend me a monitor that looks exactly the same as my current "Dell P2419H" or at least, very similar so it doesn't look odd right next to one another, that is also SUB $200, And is a good monitor (e.g. USB C).

I really appreciate your help. Thanks for bearing with my noon Question!



  • I'd be surprised if you can get a USB-C monitor for $200.

    The P2419H isn't USB-C, however the P2419HC is. You mentioned that you can't cough up an extra $100 for it, however (can't you claim the $100 out of pocket as a tax deduction?)

  • Great monitors for general office work, I have a couple. I added a the USB-C model, 2419HC is, I wanted an easy one cable solution for my wife. Dell offer refurbs and good discounts often.

    You won’t find the USB-C model in your budget.

    The model you have was $219 early in the year.

  • A cheap monitor ain't good and a good monitor ain't cheap.

    It's all about what you need and can live without.

    And is a good monitor (e.g. USB C).

    I have never heard anyone believe a monitor is good due to its USB connectors.

    The model you're looking for is in the $260-$270 range.

    There is one in your price range:

    The pros are: You can afford it.
    Cons: By your definition, it isn't a good montior. It has no usb ports.

    So it looks like your options are:
    A). Spend more.
    B). Buy one that isn't good by your only example (No USB)
    C). Wait and see if there are any short notice sales between now and Monday and hope like hell they don't run out while you make another post.

    Good luck in your hunt.

    • Thankyou. I'll do A) and spend more for the USB C version. It will look good next to my current monitor since they look the same

  • I believe USB C monitors are better preferred as they may be able to charge at the same time, and can future proof. I don't believe this is USB C.

    One last thing. I hope you don't believe that the monitor needs charging.

    Another last thing. What are you planning on doing with the USB? Connecting from the computer to the monitor, or connecting the computer to some sort of docking bay?

    • USB C from monitor to the Laptop so that the laptop can charge via monitor, PLUS, project onto the screen at the same time

  • Thankyou everyone for your help. I really appreciate it. It seems like 2419HC is the model of choice because it will look identical to the current 2419H that I have.

    I'll have to cough up additional funds :) I'll try looking for a deal!

    Thankyou everyone