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$150 off All Gaming & Bamboo Desks @ Zen Space Desks | Bamboo Desk from $749 + shipping


update: this deal has now been extended to December 6 if anyone is still interested

Save $150 with the code ‘DECEMBERSALE’. Sale ends Sunday December 6.

I have been looking for a deal on sit-stand desk and just saw a new deal on Zenspacedesks:

$150 off our bamboo ranges runs Friday 27 Nov - Sun 29 Nov - just checked that coupon code works now
$150 off our gaming range runs Friday 27 Nov - Mon 1 Dec

In-stock items ship within 7-10 business days. Please be mindful that due to the nature of the sale, there is a possibility that some items may go out of stock before we are able to update the website. We will contact you if your order cannot be fulfilled within this timeframe.

This is one of the brands which is relatively popular on OzB and they did not have good deals recently and I actually have not found any of their deals on OzB.

They are also mentioned on this OzB spreasheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/11LXiimhecg-uI2mnGE5K...

*Note on the spreadsheet: I have a suspicion that someone sorted rows in the spreadsheet and brands of the desks are not aligned to data. So be careful with it. Eg IKEA rows (rows 10 and 13) are not aligned with IDASEN ( row 12) and Bekant Corner Desk (row 21)

Is 150$ off a good deal? I think we will need to see whether omnidesk drops their discount further from earlybird 35%. Last year they had awesome 51% off which many of us missed.

The more deals we have the better choice we have.

update: unfortunately this code does not stack with their long term "email subscription" 100$ off code, this is a shame, otherwise it would have been a very nice deal

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • -__- Google drive spread sheet does not exist.

  • Have this desk, blood amazing. Though I have already dented the beautiful bamboo top by dropping things :S.

    • thanks for the feedback, how was your experience with Zenspacedesks? also I am comparing it with IKEA Idasen and omnidesk would be good to know pros and cons for zendesk vs other 2.

      Also why did you chose bamboo? Is it better than melamine desk?

      so far found this description, looks good:
      Bamboo has many great characteristics that make it a great material for us on desktops. Its a very hard timber, ensuring its harder to scratch than some traditional timber desktops. A clear polyurethane coating seals the top making it resistant to moisture, easy to clean and hygenic.

      • Desk is really sturdy, pretty much on par with the Idasen. The legs are much more powerful which is better than the Idasen that has a weight limit of 70kg. Don't have the omnidesk so cant say much for that. You need to keep in mind any electric desk will wobble at higher levels but this is also dependant on the amount of force you use to type.

        Picked the bamboo because I preferred the aesthetic over the melamine. When it came oh my, surpassed expectations absolute beauty and the coating ontop makes it feel amazing. I also picked it because bamboo is a much more sturdy material than melamine so if you plan to clamp items it should be more resistant to bending. Melamine on the other hand is much more scratch and dent resistant, more resistant to daily use. I have already made 2 dents from dropping a spoon and my webcam on the desktop. So its really a matter of sturdiness vs scratch/ dent resistance.

        • awesome, thanks you for the details! what desk size do you have? I am considering 2 desks for the home office 15075 or may be 1 desk 18075

          • @bigsov: I have the 180cm one, though I regret not purchasing the largest one available at 200cm (didnt plan to use 2 monitors initially). I would probably recommend you to buy the largest size that you can fit in your workspace, that way you wont have buyers regret. I would also recommend you not to buy their cable management channels and just buy third party ones to mount yourself. The quality control of the integrated cable management channel are awful and the positioning is not far back enough for clean cable management.

            • @smako69: great tips - I was actually considering their cable management, will hold off then. My main plan was to buy 2*150 and create a large 3m desk ( potentially for 2 people but mostly me ), hopefully this will work.

              • @bigsov: Depends on what you are placing on the desk and what you are using it for. 150cm would be just enough for an ultrawide monitor, small speakers and your desktop. If you feel like that's enough space for you then go for it. You can always mount the legs on a different desktop in the future if you need to change. ZenSpace Desk has really good customer service and are easy to deal with.

            • @smako69: I thought the extra cable management channel was one that can sorta lock in and lock open to put cables in? It doesn't work well?

              • @Danzer: Works well, except the finish is poorly done. You will find paint chips and scratches very easily. Because it locks in its limited to the distance of the legs and doesn't reach towards the far back where cables come in. That makes managing cables extremely difficult. The entry points for cables are also limited you much better off buying 3rd party cable management equipment

                • @smako69: oh no, thanks for the tip. I was about to get their cable management with the 8 port power plug (blood expensive) but might hold off for now. Gotta find a good 3rd party cable management now.

  • Worth the extra for bamboo over something like this? https://valueofficefurniture.com.au/officefurniture/office-d...

    • I am not sure about the place - no references on OzB, I know buying from not-verified place can be a pain if there are any issues. I see it is on the spreadsheet though, but it is not clear how they handle warranty

  • Can also recommend these guys. Absolutely love mine. I got the 180 Expert 2 Gaming Desk (it’s just a name, looks similar with all black). Don’t know about Bamboo, mine is full black top. Very sturdy, i have fixed 2 monitor stands from Dell and 2 27” monitors, my laptop, Mac mini and notes etc sits comfortably. Definitely recommend getting the largest size you can afford both in terms of price and space. I was a bit worried that 180 would be too large for my space, but it fits like a glove!

    Definitely buy their cable management channel and the power strips - I got the 8 plug version and it is a life saver. I hate cables dangling around and this is so neat. Also consider castors. Easy to move if you have to. This thing is heavy!

    The service and communication has been excellent too. Very helpful people over there. Got it in regional VIC from QLD in 2 days. I paid mostly the full price (minus their $100 email coupon) and does not regret it at all. Absolutely upgraded my workspace.

    • How's the quality of their castor? I was thinking of getting ones from Bunnings because their one look a bit plasticky and looks like it'll break over time.

      • They are well built and I’m happy with it. I haven’t seen the castors from Bunnings, so can’t compare.

      • I was also looking at getting the Zen Space castors with the desk, but if Bunnings has cheaper ones I think that's a better option. I'm just unsure if they are compatible with the desk. Were you thinking of installing the Bunnings castors yourself?

        • Yeh when I was researching apparently you can unscrew the bottom of the stand to screw in the castor or something. I assume You'll have to get the castor wheels that has the type of screw on instead of the ones that you screw at each corner if that makes sense..

  • I got mine (black gaming desk) before covid… Absolute best decision I ever made.

    I live in Brisbane so I went to their warehouse and met the staff, they are awesome and so helpful.

    The pro version of the desks are a must because of the extra height, dual motors, and ability to add wheels to the base which you must do for $50 even if you think you won't want it.

  • This deal puts the Zen Space Desk and Omnidesk at basically the same pricing for the bamboo tops.

    Does anyone have an opinion on whether one is better than the other?

  • Yep got the black gaming desk with the cut-out and it's great. The black material seems very hard wearing so far (had it about 3-4 months) although it picks up dust very easily, and the textured surface makes it harder to just wipe off - you need a damp cloth.

    I got a monitor arm as well in the pack, but it's still sitting in the box waiting for OzBargain to find me my perfect replacement monitor! :D

    To second the above comment on the cable management, it's actually pretty rubbish - very disappointed. It doesn't really tidy anything up at all. The little cable tie things with the sticky pads that you're meant to use to keep the cable between the console and the motor don't stick to the surface at all, so I have that dangling down and getting tangled up to.

    • Agree with their supplied cable ties. I got a strip of 3M tape from Bunnings and used them instead of theirs and now all good. The channel is all good for me, I’ve got only 2 spare plugs out off eight and all my cables including the heavy power adapter of my dell laptop sits inside comfortably.

    • The 3M adhesive is garbage, but there's a hole marked for drilling. I re did my cable management and drilled in the holes with the spare screws. As expected, none has fallen since.

  • Oof. I've been thinking about a sit/stand desk for a bit since I sit too much at home but I didn't realise they were this pricey. Especially considering I'd also need to buy/build a shelf to move the stuff from my desk's shelves to.

  • Grabbed the Black Gaming Expert for $687 delivered. Didn't need the top however it came in cheaper than just the frame + cable management tray. Going to replace the top with the Ikea Rasunda oak top that I picked up a few months ago.

    Would have gone with the Omnidesk, however I wanted the Integrated cable management channel. Omni also only offer 3 years warranty on the frame, while Zen offers 10.

  • If I purchase 150cm sit stand desk now - will it be possible later for me to transform it into 200cm desk (if 150cm will not be enough and I want a wider desk and buy a new top)? Is it possible to adjust the frame to support wider top?

    • Update: got an answer from updowndesk that it is possible with their frames which I assume are similar to zen desk and omni. Well done updowndesk on being available today while zen desk does not reply emails chat or calls

      • update2: zen desk are now replying in chat and they have added 1 more day to the promo, well done, I think this is fair

  • right now the code says it is expired for Bamboo desks even though there is still whole day to go as shown on their own timer. Support is not responding because they are not working over the weekend.

    • Same, tried to buy one today. I emailed them to ask if they will extend it given that it's their stuff up. If they don't, I'll just buy an Omnidesk which has a sale on until Dec 6.

      • Yeah if they don’t extend this deal because of their own fault it would be unfair to us and I would be cautious that they could do something similar with warranty claim

  • Has anyone tried these guys? https://desky.com.au/collections/height-adjustable-desks

    They seem to have the exact same desks as Zenspace and they offer $150 off all desks not just the gaming and bamboo range.

  • just posting update here as well so it is visible: zen desk have added 1 more day to the promo, the code BLACKFRIDAY150 will work today with bamboo desks

  • I noticed that this deal has now been extended to December 6 if anyones still interested

    I just bought the Gaming Desk…..worried its not big enough and I've made the wrong choice - But oh well, I like new things

    • thank you, updated the deal that is it now extended. Hope you will like your gaming desk

  • Got my bamboo desk today 180cm could have got the 2m version. Need to get a monitor mount to assess if I got the right size.

    But great quality and looks awesome. Took me 2 hours to put together though. My own fault. Happy with result

  • Received 2 of 4 boxes on Tuesday, a 3rd box on Wednesday, and no word on the 4th haha.

    Thankfully I already had a table top that I was planning to use, so the 4th box (the tabletop) isn't really needed. Loving frame, and the cable management tray.

  • The spreadsheet says the model for zenspacedesk and omnidesk is the "Stilford S2 Electric Desk 1500mm". Would this be the same as the officework's one? They look very similar as well. Did officework caught on, and now also sourcing from the same supplier? lol


    • I have a suspicion that someone sorted rows in the spreadsheet and names of the desks are not aligned to data. So be careful with it. Eg IKEA is not aligned with IDASEN

  • Has anyone from Melbourne received their desk yet? I ordered on 30th November and I've yet to receive my desk.

    When i inquired, they said someone from their team would give me a call to arrange an order time but it has been 3 weeks and that hasn't happened either.

    • I'm in Brisbane which is where they are located - Ordered on 2nd December and haven't heard anything. When I asked them they said the same thing and that they were handling the deliveries in Brisbane themselves, but no desk and no communication. Kind of want my $800 back now.