This was posted 1 year 1 month 26 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Samsung Note 10 Plus 256GB $0 Upfront on Telstra $99 P/M 12M Contract (Port-In Customers) @ JB Hi-Fi


Got the e-mail an hour or so ago, haven't seen it posted yet. Not sure if the same method that was used with the Galaxy S20 FE 5G edition works here, but I am sure someone can confirm in the comments, which would then mean cancelling the plan immediately will result in the phone being $599.

Confirmed in the comments, similar to the Samsung S20 FE 5G deal, if you get the plan (port in) + phone, go back home and contact Telstra to cancel the plan (via phone or chat), or switch away to a different provider, you get the phone for half the contract.

99 x 6 = $594

Also confirmed, it's the Telstra variant of the phone. Unlocked, but Telstra variant.

We were looking at this phone earlier in the month and surrounding stores did not have it in stock, so they must have got a new shipment.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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    I done it with FE 5G so this should work same :)

    • You paid $594 or $599 ?

  • is this telstra variant? not sure if it is dual sim

    • For this plan deal it doesn't specifically say in the picture, but they do have the deal for the Telstra variant outside of this plan for $899 right now:

      It says unlocked, does anyone know why it says "Australian carrier variant only" for the $899 deal above? Which is presumably the same one in the plan above, but unsure yet.

      Does that mean it cannot be used overseas?

      • +1

        I just got this plan and I got the Telstra variant which is single sim SM-N975FZKATEL

        • um, you got the phone as well, congrats!

      • International call pack can be added to it for $10 ?

        Ends Tuesday 01st means tomorrow is included in promotion or not ?

  • it should work overseas since phone are no longer locked when ur on contract (unless prepaid)
    Note 10 doesn't have eSim. its Hybrid dual sim slot

  • What's the deal with porting in? What method is the simplest? Can I port in from a telstra affiliate like Boost?

    I'm currently on a JB Hifi Telstra plan that expires in 3 weeks and want to make use of another JB deal like this since they always seem the best value.

    Would it be best to just swap to a pre paid plan (ideally boost if possible) and then go there the next day to port back in? Is there a waiting period before I can port in?

    Is it worthwhile to ask Telstra for a deal before leaving?

    • +1

      It says in the image that you can't port in from Telstra, Belong, or Boost.

      I always found these deals stupid, in the sense that everyone on Telstra always ports out to come back to them, sometimes porting out for more than a month as they wait for a deal. Which means they lose a customer they already had to another provider. I don't get why they don't allow these deals for their own customers.

      I don't know how long you need to port out for though, I'll let someone else answer that.

      • It's to bump up the numbers for the shareholders so they can say, "We've grown by X this quarter". That's my theory anyway.

        • Do they only report growth? Wouldn't they also say we've lost X amount this quarter and gained Y amount, and our net gain is Z amount.

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            @Fyrelor: No that's way too smart & not misleading enough to shareholders - just growth will keep them happy.

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      If you are planning to cancel the contract early just buy a $2 mobile SIM from Optus. Activate it on the $10 plan, however, do it with incorrect credit card details 3 times (this way you don't have to pay $10). Go to Telstra with that mobile number to port to their network. I did that all in 15mins last month with the Samsung S20 FE deal.

      • When you say go to telstra you mean the deal of jb? Sorry if this is a dumb question this is gonna be my first time doing this.

        • Sorry, yes JB, you are correct. Go to JB, not Telstra. Signing up to the plan is all done at JB. Cancelling the plan is done with Telstra via phone or online chat.

          • +1

            @Lizard Spock: Thanks a lot mate for your clarification! I will follow your guide and do it :D

  • Not available to Boost or other Telstra MNVOs.

  • In my opinion I reckon this phone is better than samsung fe

    • Yes, but the FE 5G deal comes with the Snapdragon variant, making it the more powerful device. Features wise, of course this is better. But I suspect in both battery life and performance wise the FE 5G outperforms this one definitely.

  • can someone explain this deal to me. you pay $99 a month for 12 months and get the data and the phone? so the phone is free?

    • Yep, and if you don't want the data or the plan (aka you're already on pre-paid or have another plan), you get home, go on Telstra chat, cancel the plan and only pay $599 and keep the phone. That's how it worked with the Galaxy S20 FE 5G variant and everyone done it, waiting for someone in the know to confirm if this can be done with this plan too (probably can, as you're just cancelling the plan with Telstra, JBHiFi has nothing to do with it).

      • seems cheap, I was already paying 60 a month with optus. so adding $39 a month for 12 months gets me the phone as well.

        wasn't this phone over $1200 only a few months ago? why are they so cheap now, is it the same Samsung Note 10 Plus that was $1,600 brand new or am i missing something?

        • dont be so confused, ask apple

        • +1

          Yep same one, still cost $1200 at least anywhere. JBHiFi get some good deals with Telstra. I still have my Pixel 2 XL which I got on the $49/m plan from them (which was also a very good deal back then).

        • Yes, it's generally around that. They currently have it discounted to $899 though. Still cheaper to get the plan and cancel the contract but it is a decent deal with 150GB.

  • +3

    damn i was looking to get this phone for months… its cheap now but exy……..
    oh exyn… why you are still around…

  • OP thanks a million for this! I’ve been looking everywhere for a deal for this phone because my wife totally loves this and won’t accept any other phone, just to make sure is the ETC $599? I hope I can find the deal later in the morning:)

    • Usually JBHiFi don't run out of stock very quickly with these deals and they last a while. Deal expires 1st of December, so you got time. Maybe check again later to see if anyone confirms they've done the $599 method and it has worked for them.

      • +1

        I appreciate a lot your reply OP, clears lots of things as I’m new myself doing this ETC thingy (gonna be the first time haha) wish you a great day! :)

        • Good luck, have a great day :)

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    I just sold my six month old Note 10+ 4G to cash converters for 800 dollars which is a decent price as they seem to be going for equivalent or less on fb marketplace or gumtree. Could be good for quick cash if anyone is keen.

    • +1

      yeah definitely not so smart cash converters shop it was.
      i thought cc will buy stuffs like very very cheap ?

      • +2

        In general they do lowball people but I've been told by at least two people who work there that they'll pay more than usual for recent tech and basically make no profit on it just to make sure their stores/shelves have stock so people will think of them when wanting upgrades, not just trash.

        They have given me 50% of their eventual sale price for most items, but closer to 80-90% for newer things. I bought the note 10+ for ~1100 so was an easy way to justify an upgrade to oneplus 8 pro :D

        • oh wow oneplus 8 pro looks good on paper

          • @ChiMot: Yeah it's really nice, got it for 1096 AUD from amazon (UK model with aus 4g/5g bands). So much better than my N10+.

            • @brokeunikid: Really so much better than n10+? But no spen … How about battery life and camera?

              • @ChiMot: oneplus has 5g vs 4g for similar price, 120hz screen, snapdragon 865 is noticeably faster, camera is equivalent, battery life is better 4510mah vs 4300mah in note and also snapdragon is better than exynos in regards to battery life. fingerprint scanner is faster on oneplus, so is nfc. the only downside is no s pen but i can easily live without due to the many upsides of the oneplus.

                • @brokeunikid: i see.. oh well now back to hunt note10+ overseas model.. this exy is really stupid thing
                  or wait for oneplus 8 pro to drop around 750 to fit my budget.
                  surprised that it has nfc and wireless charging! and big screen too ! congrat

    • You got a great price given they're discounted at JB to $899 new, may struggle to get the same now…maybe if/when they go back up to an unsuspecting buyer that hasn't done their research.

    • Wow, thats a good price!

  • Cancellation fee should be $594 if you cancel on the same day.

    • Assume the cancellation fee will be tax invoiced etc so suitable for work/tax deductible?

      • the tax invoice you get when you pickup this phone from JB will have full amount and gst there, legit for deduction or even TRS if you thinking to fly out

        • thanks. But what is the full amount ? cancellation fee ($594), monthly fee x 12 ($1188) or outright purchase fee ($899)?

          • @scar4ace: the 899 or whatever JB has on their system when you walk in.
            nothing to do with telstra they provide the service only.
            to clarify

            you buy phone from jb, you buy service from telstra.

  • Is it worth buying this phone being a year old?

    • +2

      Definitely worth for $596

  • Can you port from aldi?

  • +2

    Wish it was note 20 😂😂

  • Wait for next 6 months :P

  • +2

    i spoke to JB Hifi in Westfields Sydney, they said no stock in all of NSW. wtf is that all about

    • +1

      Same, I checked in Liverpool no stock there too useless deal

  • +2

    Update guys: I just got the Note 10+ at jb in garden city westfield, also managed to activate new service, they also discounted $10 of the plan but I’ll just cancel as soon as i can, thanks a million again OP!

    • Is it dual sim model or single sim?

      • +1

        it is dual sim confirmed

        • How did you know, since they have telstra variant and dual sim model and Telstra variant mean single sim only.

          • @unknownhitler: i just got mine this afternoon. For the phone, I cannot see any Telstra brand on the package so it should be a common retail one, I haven’t open the box yet, so my previous comment maybe not 100% correct, sorry mate.

    • Was it easy to get the $10 off the month plan? Might go to garden city too tomorrow or the weekend.
      Were you allowed to pick the colour or was it just the black telstra version only?

      • BLACK only, no choice.

      • Hey mate sorry very late reply, yea like the guy below said only black was available and that $10 off a month I haven’t said anything, out of nowhere after the guy checked my credit while explaining the details of the plan he told me he’s giving the discount, too bad tho this plan includes 5G but the phone is 4G lol.

  • +1

    sorry i never own exynos processor phone, so basically every exy are bad, or should i avoid a particular processor on a particular model (maybe the ones on S20 are bad and in this older note is still good ?)

  • +1

    Signed up two plans, reached home and cancelled them straight away. Cancellation done easily. Stock still available at Bankstown NSW. Thank you all lovely people ❤️

    • sweet think ill get it today, despite the $750 S20 FE 5G deal. I'll just get a $2 optus sim and do the credit card trick someone mentioned above to trasnfer acrsos. How do you pay the $594 ETC? Telstra send a bill? Did JB provide a tax invoice showing $899 for phone?

      • +1

        I'll just get a $2 optus sim and do the credit card trick someone mentioned above to trasnfer acrsos. —— call store ask if you can have new number some say yes
        How do you pay the $594 ETC? Telstra send a bill? - yes
        Did JB provide a tax invoice showing $899 for phone? - yes

        the most important: do NOT say you will cancel the plan inside JBHifi store. DO NOT

        • haha ofc! cheers mate.

        • I have a a working data SIM from Optus that came with the galaxy tab s4 that I bought at the start of last year. Since I do not use this number as I only got on the plan to get the tablet, can I port it?

  • +1

    is the exynos on this particular phone really bad compare with the same model with snapdragon?
    (i am only talking about note10+ not S20 exynos for example)
    the things that concern me: battery life and laggingness.
    edit: found some reviews from 2019:
    The Exynos wins in single core performance and app launch time, they have comparable battery life and the SD wins in multi threaded workloads and GPU. But if you look at the 9820 vs sd855 anandtech review, the gpu is actually almost on par with the SD version and while the 9825 is very slightly overclocked it shouldnt lose this hard. Looks like an optimization issue to me rather than a raw power one. At the end of the day they perform similar in everyday use, but since more people use sd devices than exynos once they will be more optimized for games and such. Dont worry about it too much imo, yes it sucks that we got a worse version globally but its not a huge deal and definitely not a dealbreaker.

    so, it seems the really really bad exynos are the ones on S20 models (of course comparing with snap inside S20)?
    am a bit confused now

    • +1

      Yeah the Note 10+ Exynos chip is well optimised now software wise at least to not have a massive impact on your battery life, etc. The S20 generation was worse, in terms of issues anyway in comparison to its Snapdragon counterpart.

      Every few years there's usually a cycle, and based on the leaks so far, the next Exynos chip in next years models S30, S30 Ultra, etc will be overtaking the Snapdragon, in both performance and battery life, and possibly even GPU power. So at least with next years devices, Australia and Europe will be the lucky ones getting the better reported chip (The Exynos this time around).

      • Ah thanks. Now I know yes in general exy is bad but depending which some are better than the SD equivalent in the same phone/model

  • Hi, can I ask if this deal is still available?

    • +1

      Ends next Tuesday.

      • thank you! Ima try my luck tomorrow… my phone just died in my pocket when i jumped into pool…

  • is it wise to buy 4G only phone at the end of 2020 in australia? will everone single person here will have 5G capable phone next year december 2021 ?

    • I don't think everyone will have a 5G capable phone until the network gets bigger….probably won't even happen until they want to switch off 4G tbh.

  • +1

    You don't have to call Telstra once you have bought this from JB. You just have to transfer your number to a different provider and everything is done automatically.

    Got told this by the Telstra employee when I called to cancel my plan.

    • Yes, porting back out is the same as cancelling but not everyone wants to port their number out, for example if you buy a $2 SIM just to port in then it goes in the bin.

  • Can someone ELI5 how these deal works? I'm so confused. I'd like to buy the note 10.

    • Telstra is providing an offer for this phone at JBHiFi for customers porting in from another provider (for example you're coming from Optus, Vodafone, etc). You go to JBHiFi and get the phone with the 12 month Telstra contract. When you get home, under the contract rules you can terminate/cancel it and pay half the contract out. So $99 x 6 = $594

      After the contract is terminated (by calling them, chatting to them on Telstra chat, or switching to another provider immediately), Telstra ends up sending you a bill sooner or later for $594 (sometimes a couple of months late, don't think they forgot about their money lol).

      You get to keep the phone of course.

      I believe that's how it works. Check the Galaxy S20 FE 5G thread as a lot of people used this method, and above here in the comments people already mentioned they done it with this phone already with this deal.

      • That's so good. Thanks for that clarification.

      • Yep did that yest and worked brilliantly. Contract canceled already. Check store has stock and also ask if you can sign up with new number (no port ) as I did based on ChiMot’s advice above.

        • for newbies please do not say you will be cancelling the service to jb staff… omg… few months ago someone did that can you believe it….

          • @ChiMot: What are they going to do? Not sell you the plan? lol doesn't matter if they know or not.

            • @Fyrelor: Yea but if they catch on they will stop these plans sooner or later right?

              Yes please play dumb and pretend they’ve hooked you onto a 89/99 plan

  • Any stories where we weren't allowed to cancel? Is the 6 month payment written in the contract?

    Also, is there a cooling-off period with JB hifi??

    • no and no and also no

  • If I cancel the contract , will I get a credit record? Just to determine if this is worth it as I may be getting a home loan in future

    • They will run a credit check to ensure you're eligible for a contract yes

  • +1

    Hey guys looking for some clarification from anyone who has done this as I'm a little confused with the porting process.

    I'm currently with Boost for the next 9 months. Can I do this without forfeiting my Boost plan?

    Is this how it works?
    1. Go buy a $2 Optus sim and activate that new Optus pre-paid number.
    2. Sign up to the $99/month plan with Telstra at JB Hi-Fi by porting in from my new Optus pre-paid number.
    3. Go home and cancel the plan on Telstra chat, and pay a early-termination charge of $594.
    4. Put my original Boost sim into the new phone and continue using my original plan and number?

    • Might be worth going through the older Galaxy S20 FE 5G thread which had a lot of people use different methods to see if one applies to your case.

    • Yes, that way will work

  • For people who got the $10 credit/discount on the plan and subsequently cancelled, I'm assuming that since it's a credit it doesn't actually affect the ETC or make it cheaper (ie $89x6months instead)?

    • -1

      you wish…..

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