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[eBay Plus] LEGO 31078 Creator 3in1 Treehouse Treasures $19 Delivered (Was $44.99) @ Metro Hobbies eBay


Meant to start at 12pm but available now !

$19 RRP $44.99 and free post with eBays Plus

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    You legend OP, there was no way I would win the 12 noon lottery without jumping the gun!

  • NM


  • Any kind hearted Melbourne's east ozbargainer who is an eBay plus member fancy buying two..? Happy to come and pick it up from your place and pay $25. Pm me!

    • You can register for a free trial of eBay plus.

  • It was available from 9am

    • The promo code only started to work from around 11am

      • I've got a receipt from PayPal showing $19 spend and $29.99 discount from 9:02am. Maybe it was a first drop, maybe I snuck in and was lucky. This morning at abut 8:30am the banner said the deal would start at 9:00am. Unless I used a different code…

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          Yep I got one about 9.30am for the $19 price.

  • "You've already applied this code to an order"


    • 1 per account, are you trying to order 2 ?

      • no just 1

  • Cheers

  • OP name checks out… exactly how I felt when I saw your post!

  • OOS

    • Wait for the next drop at 5 PM

  • wth~

  • Got one, thanks!

  • got one, thanks OP

  • Woohoo! Got one as I managed to see this post as it was uploaded. thank you OP!

  • Not out of stock yet, use code PBSTE76

  • Just got one now too, thanks OP

  • Back in stock now.

  • Just got one too! thanks OP! (was OOS for 2 mins then back on track now)

  • Thanks OP!

    Thanks! Your order was placed.
    Estimated delivery: By Fri, 4 Dec
    We got your order, and we're processing your payment.
    View order details
    You saved AU $25.99 on this purchase with coupons and vouchers.

  • Got one. Also note that I've been able to secure a couple of deals without being a current plus member (my plus membership expired last month).

  • Where do they post all of the flash deals?

  • Got one too !

  • In stock but coupon not working anymore so careful you don't get charged full amount. Fingers crossed for 5pm!

  • 6 more added just now…

    had to retry the code 5 times for eBay to accept it, but it added the discount.

    be careful — after checking out with total of $19 I have a pending charge of $44.99.

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    I paid using a gift card and applied the code. somehow $44.99 got charged onto the gift card… what happened there?

    • Same problem I have, however I didn't use a gift card. Checkout amount was $19 and paypal charged me 44.99.

      • Same with me. eBay was showing 19 then went to Afterpay it and it jumped to 49.

        I spotted and cancelled.

  • got one oh yeah

    • has it been delivered already?

      • Its a very good question but I think you need to ask the seller.

        • seller said no

  • and so many cancellations now for them to process…. 296 sold in a few minutes!

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    i don't check ozb for 10min and this happens.

  • Bugger out of stock already.

  • it seems the 5pm flash sale is cancelled due to no stock.

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      what a fail

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        lol , they had one job, divide the job lot by 3. Clearly someone wanted to knock off early and not stay to 5pm

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    The only treehouse I can afford.

  • Got an email…

    Dear valued eBay Plus customer,
    We’ve noticed something went wrong with your purchase of the LEGO Creator Treehouse Treasures deal today. The order was not completed and you will be refunded for the full amount within 10 calendar days.
    In its place, we’re offering you a voucher* so you can purchase the LEGO Creators Treehouse Treasures at the $19 deal price. This will be visible in your My eBay summary page.

    • Same! Will we have to fight for it again tomorrow? Or will there be enough stock for everyone?

      • Says we can use the 26 bucks towards something else if we like.

        The below listing will be available between 10am and 1pm AEDT tomorrow (27 November 2020). Or if you’d prefer, you can use the eBay voucher valued at $26 on another item of your choice.*

        • so $26 off coupon + Refund ??

        • Yes, but my son has a fixation on pirate ships at the moment so this would've been perfect as a stocking stuffer. I guess I'll set that alarm clock for tomorrow morning!

  • "Sadly they made a large error and sold product we did not have."

    Just an update: I didn't cancel the order, the seller did and they've blamed Ebay..

    1) Message from Ebay:

    Hi xxxx,

    We are sorry to let you know that metrohobbies cancelled your order and indicated the cancellation reason as 'Buyer asked to cancel the order'.
    The seller refunded AU $44.99 back to your original payment method. You don't need to do anything else. It may take 3 to 5 business days for the refund to be completed.

    2) Message from Ebay:

    Hi xxxx,

    Please be informed that the ability to list an item is on the seller's end, and we could not cancel a sale on the seller's behalf. The seller has already been reported and rest assured that a defect will be recorded for this transaction that may lead the seller’s account restricted or suspended once violation is proven.
    We appreciate your time and thank you for choosing eBay. Keep safe.
    Kind regards,

    Maria T.

    eBay Customer Service

    3) Message from the seller

    "You should have received a message from eBay about this order.
    Sadly they made a large error and sold product we did not have.
    If you have not received a message from eBay let us know and we will get them in touch with you"

  • Sellar Has refund $19 not $44.99

    • Did y ou pay $19 or 44 ?

      • $19, just Ebay shouldn't say that if it is and untrue statement