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ViewSonic VX2758-2KP-MHD 27inch 1440p 144hz IPS FreeSync Monitor $449 (Free Delivery) @ Centrecom


Not the cheapest it has ever been but cheaper than most stores.
If you would prefer C&C you could get it at Scorptec:

Historical prices show that it was last at this price in Apr/May and the lowest was around 400 in Feb to Mar:

MSY also has it as $449 thanks to @s3n for local stock/ easy of returns and exchange

or if you would prefer ebay it is around $400 with the code PTETE15 ends on 3rd of December. credit to @BjornMorrison

I cant change the store but Mwave has it cheaper at $429

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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    I have this monitor and I was tempted to upgrade to the Dell S2721DGF for about $100 more but I've decided to wait for 240hz or 360hz displays to drop in price

    This monitor is great overall but at 144hz and max overdrive there is overshoot so I have to reduce it to advanced

    The Dell S2721DGF is just that little bit more perfect ie. to illustrate let's just say an overall difference of 6ms on the Dell vs 10ms overall average response on the VX2758-2KP-MHD according to RTINGS reviews


    This is a pretty common price. Would expect a $399 or lower sale somewhere this weekend.


      Yep this is just RRP

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      will try to update if it does drop to 400 for the black friday/cyber monday sale

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    Also available at MSY for $449 pick up

    If you choose this monitor you'd better purchase from a place you can drive to because the QC is bad on the panel and there are widespread reports of dead or stuck pixels

    I bought mine from Centrecom and it had a stuck red pixel right in the middle so was glad I could exchange it without much fuss


      Agree with you, the monitor I received has an obvious blue tint on the edges, to a point that drives me nuts. I took it to the store for a return warranty and they (viewsonic) still hasn't got back to me, they suppose to just replace it with a new one because it is covered by some sort of 30 days replacement warranty, but it has been a month and still haven't heard a word from them.


      Yeah, I think in general you should buy mid-high level monitors in-person or online from reliable domestic sellers. The return process can be horrific and the likelihood of dead pixels can be high for some panels.

      I've been pretty lucky in my builds and those that I've done for other people, but I know a few who have really screwed themselves by ordering "cheap" internationally or via grey market.

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    Is around $400 with free postage after 15% off voucher here: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/ViewSonic-VX2758-2KP-MHD-27in-14...

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      Cheers, I was looking for a deal for one of these.

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      Thanks alot mate, needed this after a monitor I bought from dell was postponed to Jan 12.