Buying from Tecobuy & Tobydeals

Chasing a Samsung A51 and both Tecobuy & Tobydeals have them around $335 6GB or $380 for 8GB.

Good prices but what are these places like to deal with and warranty?
If something happens would you just contact Samsung Australia and go local?

Any advice appreciated.

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    No dont. Or pay with cc and chargeback if you didn't get item 4 months later

  • It's grey import so basically no warranty.

  • If something happens would you just contact Samsung Aust

    You are welcome to contact them. They won't be fixing your phone though.

  • Not only will they be Grey imports with no warranty in Australia but it's also possible that they may not be 100% compatible with all Australian bands - normally not an issue in major cities but often problems in regional and rural areas.

    Taking the chance that if something goes wrong with them and returning them to place of purchase for repair has ended up with less than satisfactory results for many buyers.

    Sometimes it's better to pay a little more and get peace of mind.

  • I’ve dealt with both for low end phones.
    Slow shipping, and unresponsive customer service.
    Warranty would cost $50 just to put the phone in the airmail satchel, so I wouldn’t count on it.

    But they are cheap, I think I have used warranty once in the last 20 years for consumer IT stuff, and I don’t get agitated about slow shipping.
    So for some items I will take the savings.

    Just don’t buy assuming “it can’t be that bad” then come back whinging.

  • I've made 3 purchases.

    2 items I received within 2 weeks of ordering.

    The third item, 1 week passed after ordering and they hadn't shipped. I sent an email to cancel. They refunded me the next day.


  • I've ordered a pair of Samsung Galaxy Buds from Tobydeals before. Came within a week. I've heard a lot of bad experiences from Tobydeals though, as you can see yourself above. It was a risk I was willing to take on a pair of $100+ earbuds, but not one that I would be willing to take on a phone.

  • OK thanks for the replies, won't go there! Yes I'd rather pay more for peace of mind.


  • Bought a game controller Razer raiju from them less than a month after it arrive it was faulty. I put in a warranty claim to have it repaired and they said it only has a one month warranty which starts when the order was placed. It took two weeks for the controller to arrive so one month warranty on a product including shipping time from Hong Kong is crazy. Anyway I contacted Razer directly and they report that I have a 1 year warranty as per their website. Despite this tobydeals will not honor the warranty. I am in the middle of a PayPal claim and complaint against them via the ACCC in Australia. ****Don't buy from this tobydeals****. I have only lost out on just under $200 Aud. God if I had bought a $1000 phone I would be seething!!!