AppleCare + and App Store & iTunes Cards

Hi guys,
Am I able to pay for AppleCare+ ($269) using "App Store & iTunes" gift cards?


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    You need Apple Store gift cards for such a purchase.
    This is currently the situation in Australia until Apple merge the two types of gift cards into one which they have done in other countries.

    • By which time you can expect them to end the 15% discounts, or raise the price of all hardware by 15%. Apple just effectively dropped the price on their new Macs so they can afford to bump them up a bit. Or they could take a hit and keep both cheaper hardware and discount cards, in order to actually get people to buy the Mac hardware in the first place.

  • Bugger. Just purchased 3 $100 itunes vouchers (at 15% off) before I realised. Can you return itunes vouchers to Office Works?

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      make sure you're price beating big w - so you get approx 20% off instead

      • Yep, pricebeat BigW @ OW and got them for $80.75 each, so 19.25% off.

    • Bad news, you can’t return them.

      • Thanks. All good now, as you can use itunes vouchers as @TheNewBargainer pointed out, and I confirmed by doing so.

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    Yes you can. I’m doing it right now :)

    • Yes you can use them for AppleCare+ or yes you can return them? If you can use them for Applecare+ can you please advise the steps? thanks

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        Sorry for the brief response. I was driving.

        Once you’ve loaded your cards to your account, on your iPhone you go to settings > general > about > AppleCare +

        You have to pay month by month and not outright though.

        Source- I’m doing it now

        • Legend. This works. Thanks!

        • You have to pay month by month and not outright though.

          Learnt something new today. Thank you.
          Can this be done for other Apple hardware such as MacBook Pro, AirPods Pro, etc.?

        • I think you are wrong. While confirming your monthly payment, you will still provide your credit card details which will be used for AppleCare+ charges. Yes, monthly AppleCare+ is displayed next to app subscriptions but it is billed from a credit card.

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            @verio: It does work. I loaded up one $100 itunes card. I then added Applecare+. If you wanted to pay outrigth $260 it asks for your credit card. But I chose monthly of $13.49 and it worked. I then checked my itunes balance and it was $86.51 left and the next payment due 25th December. So it worked for me.

          • @verio: Ok, I did not realise this. @Shark I am sorry I misguided you into a false belief that you can use your itunes cards for Applecare +. I thought that because it works for me that it might work for other people. I apologise

            • @TheNewBargainer: No apologies, it did work for me and charged $13.49 to my itunes credit rather than my credit card. Unless I'm missing something.

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          i hope you weren't DRIVING AND USING OZBARGAIN…

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    Set it up on my new phone and it works for $13.49 a month using iTunes credit (I have a lot of credit purchased for 20-30% off)

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      Yes. Same, worked for me as well.

  • Merged from Can We Use Apple Gift Cards to Buy Apple Care

    I bought a MacBook and wanted to buy AppleCare too but postponed it to buy later. I bought some gift cards from this week's offer for my subscriptions and have doubt on buying AppleCare from gift cards.

    I contacted apple support and they said it's not possible but I remember people using gift cards for apple care in our community. Can someone direct me on this

  • Can we do this for macbooks too?

  • Can confirm it works for monthly applecare iPad

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