Can Anyone Recommmend a Good Full Stack Course

I am cutrrently studying Computer science and want to study Web devrlopment in the coming 3 months holiday.

can anyone recommend a good full stack course.

thanks guys

kind regards


  • Free code camp.

  • Try Pluralsight they have a full pathway from memory. High quality content. Voice clarity is excellent and is fully understandable with 2x speed.

    • do you have any recommendations? or just go to the highest rating?

      thanks bro

      • It's a pre made collection of courses from high quality content creators. You can follow the pathway which is what I did or you could go with the authors with the highest rating but the issue with this is they may be re repeating stuff from other courses which might be boring. So I recommend following their predefined pathway.

  • +1

    I read this as a good full sack course thought to myself "I'm in."

  • +1

    I've been doing this course on Udemy and have found it to be good.

    Udemy are always having 90% off sales, so make sure you don't buy at full price.

    • Andrei's course is highly rated as well as Colt Steele's (which was the the OG web development course on Udemy). Been meaning to look into Andrei's course, I think I have it actually.

  • I haven't personally done these but read good reviews
    Uni of Helsinki:

  • Search for free udemy courses in ozbargain and see what they have for free from a day or two agao. It's the right ozbargain price.

  • I followed Brad Traversy to learn everything I know about Web development. The way he codes makes complete sense. He has some crash course preview on Youtube too.

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