Recommendations about MX5

Hi all was hoping to get your suggestions about which generation of Mx5 to go with for my next purchase - technically the ND series looks like the best performance wise however having been recently released (the 2.0L engine got a power upgrade in 2018) it'll be a while before we see depreciation make it more affordable for my budget (hoping to stick to less than $15k). I looked at the other series and am quite taken with the styling on the NB series, however with 4 different versions within the NB series, I was wondering which one people would recommend based on their experience and known common issues?


  • 1989 model!

    • You really want an NA8 at least. The 1.8 is better and there were a number of other refinements as well. NB had further refinements again but you miss out on the pop up lights. Finding one in good condition within OPs budget though is getting tough. You can get a good NC cheaper than a good NA or NB.

      • Thanks, not really keen on the design of the NA and NC however

        • The NB is essentially the same car as the NA. Cosmetically there are some exterior and interior changes and some suspension tweaks, mostly in the subframes IIRC, but most parts can be swapped between them, they're like Lego. The engine also received tweaks over the years, mostly in intake. I'd suggest grabbing whatever you can afford. NB prices last time I looked were a little behind the NA but they'll start increasing soon if they haven't already IMO just as all of these cult cars of that era have. You'll of course pay a premium for the SP or SE if you can find one but really it'll be case of matching condition to what you want and can afford. There are no common issues really that I'm aware of. Both the NA and NB were very reliable vehicles. Some crank issues on early NA6, spark plugs can be an issue if some monkey has cranked them down and stripped the threads in the aluminium head but otherwise I can't think of any. You are of course looking at a 15-22 year old car so there'll be a wide range of condition and maintenance standards across them.

  • Hi There,
    I’ve owned a NC and currently own a ND 2L
    I find both the NC and ND a beaut to drive, especially in corners.
    At the end of the day get whatever you enjoy in terms of looks and feel.
    I’ve always gone for the soft top version as I believe those are best
    My opinion of course.

  • Leg room for tall drivers is a real problem, love the car but need a can opener to get out of the thing!.

  • I love MX5 threads as it allows me to post this.

    the mx5 is a legitimate sports car

  • Currently own a NA8, but have driven the NA6, NB 1.8L and the NC 2.0.

    Everyday car NC hands down out of the three, track car - NB, that classic kind of style, the NA.

    NC much nicer to live with every day and is a nicer car out of the box.