I need a sturdy backpack that will protect my laptop

I've had the worst luck with my laptop lately. A couple of weeks ago I dropped my bag (with laptop in it), probably only from about waist height, and broke the screen. And now tonight, only a week after getting it replaced, I must have put too much stuff in my bag with the laptop and now the screen has ANOTHER crack in it and needs to be replaced.


So I'm looking for a backpack that will protect my laptop. It's your typical 15.6 inch. Ideally I'd rather not spend more than about $100 on this, but I'm open to spending more if it's worth it. Bonus points if it's stylish and has other cool features, but the most important thing is protecting my laptop.

Thanks for your help.

EDIT: Thanks everyone for your suggestions, I researched all the bags you guys recommended and went with the Ogio Renegade RSS :)


  • Have a look at Samsonite CityScape for $149. Very sturdy yet comfortable backpack and has done a great job at protecting my laptop and camera gear during travel.

  • I've got the Haglofs Backup 15 for more than 12 years now and it used to get 60+ days/year heavy use during precovid times.

    It is comfortable on your back even when full/heavy and I don't think it's antitheft design or anything but I felt quite safe having my valuables in it and wearing the bag normally as I would have felt anyone trying to yank the zipper open and as you can use the ropes to tighten the bag smaller when it's not full.

    I'd love to buy the new model but can't justify buying a second bag as the old one still goes strong.

    • Thanks for your reply. Is this bag good at protecting a laptop from drops and pressure?

      • Yes, it came with an additional tote style bag which had good protection for laptop. If you didn’t carry a laptop you could just pull it out giving you more space for other stuff. That’s why it is a great travel bag if you want to leave your laptop to hotel etc.

        The new one should be same design?

  • Alternatively, if you have a bag you already like, get a decent laptop sleeve?

  • Try Ogio Renegade - pretty sturdy with good reviews on protecting laptops from shocks and drops.

    I have been using this (bought for approx AUD 118 mid last year from Amazon AU) since the last 1 year and their laptop compartment is built like a tank.

    Details of how they make is on their website.

    • Bag looks amazing, but I'm finding it basically impossible to find for <$200 AUD. Still, it might be worth it if it's good.

      • the current price on amazon AU is around $152 if you are a prime member as you don't have to pay delivery

        • Oh cool, I didn't realise that includes international postage. That means it's much better value just to get Prime so I can order this. That's really good to know, thank you.

          Ideally I think I want something slightly more compact than this one, but I may end up going for it if I don't find another suitable bag.

  • For my kids I make them use Thule Gauntlet and then in a backpack padded slot.

  • What about the Crumpler Mantra bags. Currently on sale in selected colours

    • Hey, thanks for your suggestion. I'm not familiar with this brand but some research shows they have a good reputation. Reviews didn't mention too much about laptop protection beyond the compartment being padded. Do you think this would be adequate to protect my laptop from drops/pressure?

  • How about the Kathmandu Transfer 28L? https://www.kathmandu.com.au/outlet/packs-bags/transfer-28l-...
    Currently on clearance and right within you $100 budget.
    Has a seperate pocket for your laptop so it wont get crushed by your other stuff.

    the Q&A has mixed information, officially says that a 15.6" might not fit, but another person claim they fit their 17", so try to go in store with your laptop and see if it fits.