Samsung Galaxy A51 128GB for $399?

Need a mobile for my daughter 13 year old.
She loves taking pictures so good cam is important.
Was going to limit the budget to $300 which restricted the choices.
Did many reviews of the huge choice out there and basically over it comparing
Like the idea of buying from store, name brand 2 year warranty.
Specs look good.
Oppo A52 $50 cheaper!

Any feedback and is this a really good deal for $399?



  • If your daughter, by any chance uses Instagram, Snapchat, Tiktok, etc, then an android would not be the best option for her (you did say you're after camera).

    A Galaxy A51 and even an Oppo A52 will take good pictures with the normal native camera app, however inside any app such as snapchat, tiktok or insta, the quality will depreciate a lot.
    $399 is a good price for the A51 for the record though.

    Unless your daughter specifically asked for an android, it would be best to avoid it really since androids also do not come with the same level of support and updates as iPhones do. With an iPhone, you will get updates for a long time and as long as you don't drop and break the phone, you will really maximise the value out of the phone.

    Maybe look at getting a iPhone 8, 8Plus, SE or XR.

    Obviously mainly depends on your budget, but used iPhone 8 Plus are around $300 on FB Marketplace, with the XRs being around the $400 mark. The SE may be a decent option around the $550 mark but I do not know if you want to spend that much.

    There are plenty of refurbished options on the market for the iPhones as well, might be best to look new and put a protective case over it, let your teen know that this is the only phone you're buying them, the next one they can buy with their own money or something.


  • Didn't want 2nd hand, don't want the hassle in case something goes pear shaped!
    Ended up with the Samsung A51 for $340 (using 15% coles gift cards deal)
    Daughter is loving it and so am I at that price!

  • I'd definitely go A51 over Oppo. Also Samsung phones aren't made in China which I support for multiple reasons.