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50% off 2 Year Membership and Renewals $25 (Was $50) @ BIG4


Black Friday Sale - 50% off new memberships and renewals. If you renew earlier, the 2 years is added into your validity period. e.g if your membership were to expire on April 2021, once renewed, the expiry will be April 2023. This only works if your membership were to expire in the next 12 months

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BIG4 Holiday Parks
BIG4 Holiday Parks

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  • Done! Thanks OP.

  • Me too! Went to Sandstone Point on the weekend. Glad I didnt sign up then! Bargain

  • New to the Big4, i have checked out their website .. is it worth it ..

    • I just booked 3 nights & saved $16.20. So as a rough guide if you spend 5 nights at the parks in the next 2 years you have saved the current $25 cost of the membership. No brainier for us as we will easily do that.

  • Glad that I waited for this deal.Thank OP! Got one

  • Any 4 day trip to BIG4 pay the dividends.

  • Anyone having trouble applying the promo code? I'm on the "payment" tab of the checkout, and when I enter in "BLACK2020", it says it is not valid?

    • Hi there. Let me see if I can help, but I might be a little info first. Are you trying to purchase a new membership, re-new a lapsed one or upgrade your current one?

      • Thanks! I'm trying to purchase a new one

        • Thanks for clearing that up. I will check with the website team to make sure there isn't an issue - in the mean time do you want to try it on a different browser or even your phone?
          I will let you know when I hear back shortly!

          • @thisiscambo: Hi alautm. I have heard back from the website team and the code appears to be working on the back end of our site. Are you able to do me a favour and try again for me? Let me know if you are still getting an error message.

            If so it will need to be handled by our Customer Service team. Are you able to send this information to [email protected] and it will be forwarded onto one of the team who will be able to help you our further or you can simply call us on 1300 738 044 😊

  • Thanks OP.

  • Is the NRMA membership same or Big4 is seperate?

    • Hi there! The BIG4 Perks Membership program is separate from the NRMA program. However, the BIG4 Perks Membership is valid for all fully branded BIG4 parks and affiliate parks which does include several NRMA ones too.

  • Done, been looking at doing it for awhile…. Thanks.

  • This post says EXPIRED but this still worked for me today. I signed up as a NEW member.