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Oeck - VPN 1-Year Subscription for ~A$96.56 (Normally ~A$162.29 When Paying Monthly) Black Friday / Cyber Monday Special


Hi everyone,

We are doing a Black Friday / Cyber Monday special for OzBargain users. For those of you not familiar with our VPN please feel free to try before you buy. We offer users a free trial ( no payment details required ) to see if our service is right for you. If you are happy with our service and wish to claim this deal you simply need to use the coupon code bfcm when making a purchase.

I will be here to answer any questions the community may have. Below is a list of features unique to our VPN service and some useful links.

Peter @ Oeck.

Streaming Automation - Connect to the VPN region nearest to your location and still access content from overseas streaming services. We take away the need for you to jump around VPN regions. You can also set regions for specific streaming services. For example you can set your Netflix region independently - similar to how a smartDNS service works. This means no more searching for the "right" server to connect to. Just connect to the VPN and we take care of the rest.

Device Profiles - You can have up to 100. Each profile allows you to have unique settings for when you log in. For example, you can have one for your computer, another for your iPad, another for your partner, another for your child, etc.

Advanced Port Forwarding - You no longer need to keep track of IP addresses or configure your software to work with the VPN ports you are given. Just tell us which port to forward to and which device profile and it's done.

For example, if you set up a web server on your computer and enable port forwarding, regardless of which VPN server you ever connect to ( any server, any region ), to access your web server you would go to username-mydevice.oeck.me:portNumber - It stays the same :) - Also great for torrenting.

Ad, Malware, Social Network and Adult blocker - You can pick and choose which ( if any ) of the blockers you want enabled for each device profile. This allows you to turn on Adult blocking for children's devices but keep yours open. It is also very extensive and does a good job of blocking most ad, tracker and malware domains.

Custom filter - You can take the blockers even further by adding your own domain block-list on a per-device level. This gives you complete control over each and every device. This is very powerful and is easily built on.

Custom DNS - You can set your DNS on a per-device level. You can choose for the VPN to give you complete control to your DNS, or set your DNS and still allow the VPN to take control over certain domains in order for the channels and blocking to still work. This means you can even use your own DNS if you wanted to.

Automated server selection - When a user connects to a region they will always connect to a server with the most resources available. This completely removes the need to server-surf on the users end. They just connect to a region and they will be sure to jump on the server within that region that has the most resources available at that point in time.

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  • Really interested in your service. My current service has apps with no config options for things like raspberry Pi.

    Is it possible to run your service on a raspberry Pi and point my entire network to the Pi to then pass to your service?

    My current router is a tplink deco m9 which does not offer a VPN option so I am wondering if a raspberry Pi would be an option.



    Hi MrBr0,

    Thanks for your interest in Oeck!

    Although we have not personally set up something like this ( on a Pi ), there are some Oeck customers who do use the setup you talking about. However, in most cases, it is generally not needed as our service works differently to other VPNs. Is there a specific reason you want it set up that way?

    We have a Whirlpool thread where users discuss their uses for it. You can view it at https://forums.whirlpool.net.au/thread/9p8qxvl9
    It may be an idea to ask there which OS and software you should use on your Pi to get it to do what you like.

    Our apps also don't have Pi settings. We do offer .ovpn config files which allow you to connect to our servers however you like, but it all depends on what you are trying to achieve and what type of setup you are looking for.

    Peter @ Oeck.