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ASTRO A50 Wireless Gaming Headset + Base Station Gen 4 for PS4 & PC - $338.97 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) via Amazon UK


Just pulled the trigger on a pair of these as I haven't seen them below $500 for some time.

Pretty incredible deal if you're a prime member considering these are usually $550 RRP at JB or $479-$499 at most good computer stores.

Rtings Review: https://www.rtings.com/headphones/reviews/astro/a50-gen-4-wi...

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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    Damn, love the headset was tossing between arctis 7s/ these earlier but couldnt ever find a astro deal!

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    Don't forget 10% zip pay and 12% Cashback

    • Unfortunately not for the Zip 10%

      (d) For the purposes of this Offer, “Eligible Purchases” refers to any items available to purchase on amazon.com.au or the Amazon mobile app (AU marketplace) except:

      i. Digital purchases including Ebooks, apps, etc;
      ii. Subscription purchases including Prime, Prime Video, Audible, Music Unlimited and Kindle Unlimited;
      iii. Purchases made at amazon.com (USA) or any other non-Australian Amazon site, mobile app marketplace or location;
      iv. Subscribe and Save items.
      • Why not just buy gift cards and then use those to pay?

      • +1

        It should still work with Zip Pay.

        This product meets the criteria you have provided.

        Even if the seller is amazon uk it is still sold on the australian site of amazon.com.au.

        • Awesome to know, thanks! 🙂

      • +2

        Mac from Zip here. Go for it, these are eligible!

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    Ps5 doesn't have optical anymore…

  • -3
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    I was hoping to get HyperX Cloud Flight under $150, I love gaming but not sure if I love it $300+ yet hahaha

    Is there a huge diff between $150-500? Esp for gaming? Im so out of touch lol

    • Yeah, I was looking at cheaper headsets ever since the kids broke an expensive pair. Corsair HS70 are supposed to be good wireless ones - JB has them down from $179 to $125.30. Reviews seem positive considering the cost.

      • Link? They got good reviews on Amazon too.

        • +1

          For comfort and durability you might like the Logitech G533, it's got none of the gamer faff, just decent drivers and a loooong battery life. Down to under $115 for black friday on amazon.

          I just bought two more sets, my last one has been working great for almost four years.

    • I've had both headsets. I enjoyed the HyperX as they were very comfortable and sound was decent too. The Astros are definitely in a different class though. Good battery life + wireless + excellent sounds.

      Both good choices to be honest.

      • Thanks, Ill wait for a sale on them!

  • Do these have any plugs or just USB?
    they wont have a UK plug on the end?

    • +2

      Power via USB no UK plugs

  • Personally i'd spend the extra on the nicely discounted Steel Series Arctis Pro Wireless on amazon $454 before any applicable discounts you may have at your begging, lowest known was $420 in may this year, if the 10% zip works and then slap on 12% cashback well under the $400 mark, even just the shop back is below all time low price - actually puts them at a ridiculous low price for what some would call the best of the best.

    • I have to say this

      Steel Series Arctis Pro Wireless has really bad quality control…

      I changed 3 times (for free or course, service is good though)

      And because no optical on ps5 ,the control for mix chat balance is not working anymore…

      And you should know that Steel Series Arctis Pro Wireless only for ps and pc, not for all platform.

      I will wait next gen for ps5.. maybe they out already?

      I don't check the news for steel series anymore because the quality

      • Unfortunate luck maybe for your experience, mine have not failed since purchase about a year now ago - it is good to hear service has been excellent!

        This is true the optical is no longer present, hdmi convertors have now started to roll out (HMDI to HDMI/OPTICAL), Astro for example are selling this adapter for there devices unfortunately they did not input HDMI 2.1 into the adaptor for cost reasons to the customer… i would've just given the option personally considering people do pay good money for their headsets as well.

        Console/device restriction is to note for potential buyers.

    • Google steel series pro snapping issue and the Bluetooth issue. My Bluetooth failed early on and just after my warranty ran out they randomly snapped. Piece of trash.

      • I liked this comment from steelseries Reddit ….

        I actually don't know how ppl do this without mistreatment in all honesty such as throwing or slamming ,wireless headsets aren't made with metal rods holding them together

        • It's plastic junk, mine broke literally while taking it off. It seems over time the swivel area can get stuck and then crack. Either way, yours is only a year old, get ready for the problems now that the warranty is out.

    • Why?

  • Will these work with Xbox series X as well?

    I heard somewhere that the xbox version work with both ps5 and pc but the ps version only work with ps an pc.

  • FYI, my thoughts on this headset: http://www.digitalreviews.net/reviews/audio/astro-a50-wirele...

    Really dig them, and still rocking them. Comfortable as hell. Great sound. I'm rocking through PC, though, not next-gen console.

    • +1

      I'd expect them to be good for the price either way! You'd hope so!

      • Definitely not disagreeing with you on that point.

  • Thanks OP. Didn't even know of Astro before this post and now I got an order in last night before it went up.

  • My order arrived this morning. Incredibly quick delivery from the UK via DHL once it finally left the Amazon warehouse. 3 day turn around. Looking forward to setting up today!

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