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Bonus $500 JB Hi-Fi Gift Card + Telstra 4GX WiFi Plus modem w/ Telstra $69/Mo (12 Mo) 150GB Mobile Broadband Plan (In Store)


Not advertised, but JB is doing a cracking good deal on Telstra Mobile Broadband plans

$69/month over 12 months:
* $500 gift card (usually $100-$250)
* 150GB data /mo - extra 50GB data (usually 100GB)
* Free Telstra pre-paid 4GX Wi-Fi plus modem (usually $69 I think)
* maximum ETC $414

$59/month over 12 months:
* $250 gift card (usually $50-$100)
* 90 GB data /month - extra 50GB data (usually 40GB)
* Free Telstra pre-paid 4GX Wi-Fi plus modem (usually $69 I think )
* maximum ETC $294

Deal ends 1/12/2020
I got mine from JB hifi Elizabeth st.

Assume available aus wide and available over the phone too (not confirmed though, but you can have a go)
Phone : 13 52 44 (8am to 7pm)

Edit: capped to 1.5Mbps once included data allowance is exceeded so no extra charge

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  • so it's $10 more expensive?

    • I believe you’re comparing it to the $59 BYO mobile phone plan?
      This is mobile broadband only so you don’t need to port in and with 160GB instead of 80GB+calls+text for the $59 BYO mobile plan.
      So depends on what you need really. I need to use for home internet and more data + portable wi fi for on the go work is better for me.

  • Nice - Maximum early termination charge only $414 as well.

  • Great find. Hope they bring one out similar for NBN

    • Worth going to the store and ask them. This is how I found this deal. Just asked them if they have bonus or specials on mobile broadband.
      I saw they have stacks of different deals on Teltsrea plans + bundles listed on their internal sharepoint

  • 'You'll need to pay an Early Termination Charge (ETC) if you cancel your plan early, equal to 50% of your monthly fee for the months (or part months) remaining in your plan term. The maximum ETC for your plan is set out in the above table. In addition to this, you'll also need to reimburse Telstra for any vouchers you received for entering into your plan if you cancel your plan early. This Voucher Reimbursement Cancellation Fee will be pro-rated, equal to the total amount of the base voucher divided by 12 and multiplied by the months (or part months) remaining in your plan term. This charge will appear on your Telstra bill, the maximum of which is also set out in the above table.'

    Maximum Voucher Reimbursement Cancellation Fee is $50 for the $49 p.m deal and $100 for the $69 p.m deal.

  • Hope the good guys will match :-)

  • You get a good modem

  • Good deal and it's capped to 1.5Mbps once included data allowance is exceeded so no extra charge.

    • Cool thanks will update

    • Yeah the guy at JB-HIFI told me that is the regulation not to bill excessive fees due to exceeding the included data. Probably good for some people sometimes forget to connect to their home internet after turning off the wifi and won’t be slapped with hundreds of dollars data charges.

      • My Optus excess data charge @ $10 per Gb (200Gb plan) says hello. Would love shaping instead of the near end of the month anxiety.

        • A easy fix ix to switch to the Optus One Special with 500G data.

          You must be either streaming a lot or torrent on 1:1. My 700G pool never got over the 300G mark.

          • @syswong: Thanks @syswong for the alternative, good to know those high data plans exist.

            Have to note that even on that plan excess data is charged at $10 a gb! So you go from about 25c a Gb to x400 times… that is excessive.

            • @Carydadon: Seriously man I am not sure what you are doing with your connection…..

              Say you pool two Optus One account together, that is 1000G per month and you need to be streaming 5 hours of 4K per day to kill that data, and if you are streaming that much 4K, you shouldn't be on mobile data anyway.

              Me and my wife do a lot of streaming on phone and also work from home often. All device and apps updates go through the mobile connection and hardly hit 300G.

              An alternative is the $55 Vodafone plan that shapes to 10mps after 500G. Actual usability depends on Vodafone signal in your area, but the 10mps shape is still very usable according to user report on WP forum.

  • Does the wifi modem has max number of devices can connect to it? I am thinking to end my service with ABB after the price hike but usual this will get all our 20 devices connected or not. Currently I don’t use more than 150gb data a month anyway.

  • And works out to 27.33 a month for 150gb if you factor in the gift voucher.

  • Has anyone had success other than the OP?

    • it’s advertised in their internal sharepoint. I actually asked them early this morning when the store just opened, and came back this evening to get this with different salesperson.
      also another lady got the same plan and the store run out of the modem, so they created a click and collect receipt for me to pick up from Bourke St. Store.

      You can call the store. I think closed at 10pm and some store at midnight tonight.

  • Do you think I can buy this and activate a week later?

    Or does the plan start straight away?


    • It depends if you want the gift card straight away.

    • Not sure if you activate a week later. My guess will be active straight away only, since they pretty much give the gift card straight away. For BYO mobile plans they give the giftcard once service is active / ported.
      Btw the billing cycle starts at the start of the month, so this month’s bill is pro-rated. They will charge me $9.20 for 27-30 Nov according the estimate

  • Confirmed deal is still on in QLD

  • I don't need the $500 JB voucher. any idea how much is this voucher going on OZB or on eBay, $400? cheers.

  • I’m assuming you can use the included sim in an ipad? Can anyone confirm?

  • I was told today by JBHifi in Greenway ACT, the gift card is $400.

  • Same, told 400 too

  • So how is the telstra mobile broadband speed? Is it better than NBN or cable? Is it possible to connect the Orbi mesh with this Telstra 4GX WiFi Plus modem

  • are these plans still available