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[macOS] Little Snitch (Network Filter) 30% off: US$31.50 (~A$42.72, Was US$45) @ Objective Development


Little Snitch

Little Snitch informs you whenever a program attempts to establish an outgoing Internet connection. You can allow or deny these connections, or define rules to handle future attempts automatically. Little Snitch reliably prevents your private data from being sent out to the Internet without your knowledge.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • Unfortunately no further discounts for upgrades :-(

  • If moving to Big Sur, make sure you understand the consequences of its changes:

    • What's the point in buying this app then?
      I was about to buy. Now I have to think to buy it or not

      • Long time user here… I've stopped using it and won't upgrade to v5… it has lost its usefulness.

        • Can you elaborate?

          • @scroogle: The latest OS (Big Sur) changes from using kernel extensions to API access (mandatory) for programs like this to work - ie. Little Snitch now can only call Apple's API's to do its thing. On its own…this is fine.

            However, in a dick move, Apple also allow many of their own programs and processes to completely bypass this API requirement - meaning that the processes/application they allow (the ones they write themselves) bypass your firewall (ie. Little Snitch).

            Thus, if you use a software VPN, for example….don't expect Apple's own programs to actually go via the VPN - they bypass it and route directly.
            This is not only dangerous, but completely disgraceful for anyone who wants privacy, or simply want to avoid GEO logging of where they are, or have been. Apple, Google, etc…already know too much about us as it is.

            Dangerous because if any of their systems are compromised, your firewall won't even know to alert you that your data is going to some dodgy IP/location.

            Apple should be burned at the stake for doing this.

            • @manicmoose: Thanks. This is only valid for Big Sur and v5.

              He's mentioned that he's stopped using it and won't upgrade to v5.

              So I'm trying to understand what is wrong with v4?

              • @scroogle: Nothing wrong with Little Snitch….it's Big Sur/Apple that's the problem.
                He's probably not paying to upgrade to v5 because the product is now "limited" in what it can/can't block by Big Sur's mandatory changes.

      • Best I can gather it’s still going to be useful to detect and block non Apple services.

  • +2 votes

    I have been using them for ages and it was a really good product, well worth the money. However, the new API (https://blog.obdev.at/a-hole-in-the-wall/) is unacceptable. Knowing Apple and how closed their ecosystem is I don't have high hopes, it's possible to work-around but it would be annoying, both for the user and dev, and not as reliable. I also noticed there is https://objective-see.com/products/lulu.html that I somehow overlooked over the years, haven't used it however security products should be open source, imho, anyway, oh and it's free :)

    They usually do half price, but that would make it cheaper than the upgrade, still it's a bit of a downer that we are excluded from the discount.

  • Not sure if LuLu been updated for Big Sur (I'm still hanging back on Catalina) - but I've been using it for the past year since ditching Little Snitch. It's free and open source too