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[WA] 50% off Skinless Salmon @ Woolworth (Vic Park)


Saw 50% off on salmon fillets at a Woolworth store in WA(Vic Park). Not sure about other stores. Pic of purchase attached.

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  • No offense but I thought was common sense that everybody knows supermarkets slash deli product prices when they are about to go bad, and they discounts hot BBQ chicken and breads before the store closes. It won't be extra sticker if it's a weekly discount across all store.

    • May be you are right but I just steamed one fillet for dinner and it was delicious. Have put the rest in freezer. Also, I bought it around 5.30 pm and the store closes at 9pm.

    • That’s why you freeze it.

  • Is there enough for ten or more people?

  • they tend to sell it when the best before date is tomorrow since they need to get rid of the stock asap, can't legally sell it when it's past the best before but they're usually good for the next 2-3 days as long as you keep it in the fridge. can even freeze for a few months

  • Yeah got these for even $10/kg a few times. It just depends how eager they are in disposing them.

    I would assume this was common knowledge