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Free Turning Peel and Cover with Purchase of Gozney Roccbox Pizza Oven $799 Delivered @ Gozney


Definitely not cheap but it’s probably the best portable gas pizza oven available in Australia at the moment, its only other real competition is Ooni and they have pretty much forgotten us Aussies with no stock of the Kodi coming our way for a rumoured 6 months. People use the Roccbox for commercial use.
Hardly ever has specials, it once came with a free wood burner but I don’t really think the wood pellets make much of a difference in taste as the pizza is only in the oven for about two minutes. I think this deal which actually includes two things ( the cover and a turning peel ) that you actually would be likely to purchase anyway is much better.
Already includes a normal peel and delivery in the price.
@ $799

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • This was my number one item on my wish list, I was waiting for a Black Friday deal to pull the trigger, but last month Gozney ruined my plans. They announced Gozney Dome, available from March ‘21, I put my name down on their priority list, and the wait continues….

    • Yeah but that’s gonna be big money, I would of bitten if you could of used gas with it as well as wood

      Edit - just seen there is a duel fuel option 😮

    • Kamado for LnS, Ooni for pizza and searing.

      I'm only saying that because I bought those before considering (or seeing) the dome ;)

  • No Ooni Koda for 6 months? Already been waiting a year for the Koda 16 to arrive here :(

  • Anyone got a pro con of roccbox v ooni?

    I know the new koda16 is larger, if it ever gets here :)

    • I’ve looked into for hours and hours over the winter. I think the Koda 16 comes out on top for the gas versions ( I only really researched the gas ones as I already have a wood and it’s too much effort for me to use midweek) but the Gozney is generally regarded better than the normal Kodi but it’s about $200 more. I personally would of taken either but as I need a cover and an extra peel is essential for prep they work out around about similar prices for me and the Gozney styling looks better imo.