This was posted 1 year 1 month 29 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Bitdefender Family Pack 2021 [15-Device, 2-Years] A$29.99 @ PC Pro Magazine


The website says A$39.99. Don't worry about it. Just click on the red BUY NOW button and it will bring to webiste which says A$29.99.

Once you made payment, you will be brought to another website saying "Thank You For Your Order". The product key is in the middle of that website.


This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • I was just in the checkout page from this deal! I can't spot any differences… Lucky!

    At the completion of checkout, selecting paypal, I get a message about "Processing Delayed….We have received your order and it is undergoing normal, manual processing, which will be completed within the next hour".

    Is this a paypal only thing or do others get the same with CC too?

    • Paypal just worked for me, you sure you haven't bought too much today and made them suspicious? :D

    • ok so i received another email nearly an hour later, with a paypal payment link, then received the code immediately after paying.
      Thanks OP

  • Same - was just about to take up the other deal! Perfect timing.

  • Thank you OP! We all must have purchased from a similar deal as the sub is about to expire :D

  • Just bought this! Thanks OP. Quick question for everyone else, I wanted to get this to extend my current do your keys also expire in 2022?

  • +3

    Do people still use this?
    Microsoft antivirus seems to do just fine

  • I got charged the 39.99 but still a good deal

    • Yeah it shows the same price for me even after following what OP said..

      Tossing up between this and Kaspersky as my existing KIS sub is up for renewal. KIS tends to play up for me every now and then (it would report database corrupt after a restart or cold boot and it will take 2 system restarts before KIS loads properly).

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    if you can bother doing it every 90 days, you can keep using premium by creating new trial accounts and signing out the expired account and signing in with the new account. no need to uninstall the app.

    • ooh, clever. 90 days is a generous trial period.

      But I'm guessing you're going to get nagged constantly to subscribe? There's always a catch.

      This happens with free giveaway software all the time (not trials). You get a version of the app that can't be updated and always nags you to buy it, even though you have a full version of the software already and not a trial or demo.

      • no nagging. just when the trial expires you get 'your sub expired, please renew' message on the app screen. use a disposable email.

        • What disposable email works to get the free trial? I tried a few but none of them received the activation email.

          • @Metz: this is okay but if you have lots of devices not worth the hassle

            this deal is for 15 devices so pretty good, otherwise you have to go to each device and change the account to get a new trial

  • My current subscriptions for 5 devices will end on April 21. Will this fam pack 15-device deal extend my current subs or create a new one please ?

    • Hey mate, I have the same question. Did you find out if it extends the 5 devices sub? Thanks!

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        It won't extend your current 5 device sub because it's different product. I will wait until my current sub about to expire before activating the new code.
        There's no expiry date on the new code.

        • I see, yeah I still have 6 months left so I’ll do the same. Thanks for getting back to me!

  • +1

    I bought the other deal last night and had the option to stack the code on my existing family pack or to start a new one

  • It's showing $39.99. And can someone confirm if they get charged foreign exchange fee since it's an overseas website? Thanks

  • I was charged in AUD last night had the option of downloading a pdf tax invoice.

  • Have added the updated deal (this one +$10 - valid until the end of the year) here:

    Thanks @alka2020 for the heads-up. Always good to find such a deal on a quality product!

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