$1200 Christmas Tree

So the Missus wants to buy this tree. ——> https://www.harveynorman.com.au/twinkly-6ft-pre-lit-tree-400...

Me - I'm not buying a $1200 Christmas tree, and I'm definitely not buying a $1200 Christmas tree from Hardly.

Her - You can get one for cheaper than that.

Me - Where

Her - Here ——> https://www.festive-lights.com/6ft-twinkly-pre-lit-tree

Me - Out of stock, and I don't even know if they deliver to Australia. Definitely wouldn't arrive in time anyway.

Is there anywhere else you can buy this tree for a non-ridiculous price in Australia??? I've been told that it has to be this one because her friend has it, and she wants the same one. :-/

I've shown her the twinkly set of 400 lights or whatever they are called and she doesn't want that, she wants the whole tree. :-/


  • So a real tree costs like $60 a year and smells like happiness…

    Not only that, it is biodegradable.

    • You are preaching to the choir brother.

    • A real tree requires you to procure a tree every year, string it up with lights (the most laborious part of the setup) and at the end of it, undo the lights (almost as laborious), and dispose of the tree.

      Being a real tree, it also comes with insects.

      OTOH, fake tree requires storage and higher upfront cost.

      So it's not all roses for camp real tree.

      • I put two sets of lights on my tree and I do not find it a hassle at all.

        Insects have never been a problem.

        And I’m pretty lucky but there’s a lions club set up about two blocks away so it’s really easy to pick up and then take it back there for them to dispose of.

        So while I agree there are some negatives others see, I have never found any issues with them and it’s always worth the smell of a real tree.

        • I've got the worst of both worlds at the moment, crappy old plastic tree I have to string up but a lot of nostalgia. We have had this one for 20+ years.

          I may spring for a real fancy one after Xmas as we're likely to use it for a few decades.

  • Connectivity: Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
    Music sync: Yes, only with Twinkly Music Dongle
    Voice Control: Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant; ON/OFF – PLAYLIST CHANGE – EFFECTS – SET BRIGHTNESS

    Waow. Even trees have BT & WiFi now, and also work with Voice assistant…

    According to the Discounted Gift Card Wiki you can get 7.25% off Harvey Norman Giftcards from “Redeem your Gift card”.

    1214 - (1214 x 0.0725) = $1125.98

    Found a review:
    “Not realistic

    I ordered this as the kids wanted the twinkly lights app. I have to say that I would have returned the tree, as it is NOT realistic and is of poor quality compared to other trees within this price range, that I have looked at. I cannot return as the children LOVE the app and have spent hours playing with patterns etc. I personally think it is awful - but dont want to upset my children. I am surprised that John Lewis have offered this tree at this price - but its all about the gimmick of the lights app.
    Devon, 15 November 2020”

  • https://www.kmart.com.au/product/christmas-tree-90cm-(3ft)—-assorted/3188380

    You can just get white lights to bring out the colours. It's not the exact one, but it's pretty close, she may not notice. You'll need to go in store to make sure you get the multicoloured one.

    • She's gonna notice. She wants to use the app like this ——-> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-VwLj05GQ8

      She has shown me that clip about 11 gazillion times trying to convince me to buy it. I could maybe stretch to $500, but $1200 is ridiculous especially when it's about 75% less overseas.

      • That's actually pretty cute. But yeah, I seriously bought the silver version of the Kmart one and added lights and it's pretty cute too. It's not on the same level, but for the price it's excellent value in my opinion.

  • Just get it, yolo!

  • You can get 600 lights for $422. https://www.harveynorman.com.au/twinkly-600-rgb-led-string-l...

    I don't get why she won't let you just buy those with a higher quality (and cheaper) tree. Seems kinda ridiculous.

  • Dude those aren’t the same tree. The cheap one looks a lot cheaper and shabbier. Look at the shape, the branches, look at the branch layers at the top. For $1200 though I bet you can get really great replica trees from America for that money, express posted. Americans take trees pretty seriously. You kinda left it to the last minute though. I bet all the obvious choices are sold out already.

    Even if that $1200 tree is only really worth $600, if it’s only $150 better than the $450 tree in reality. It’s still better because it’s the better tree, that’s all that matters for something that’s going to be the centrepiece of your home for two months for the rest of your life. You pay $750 more for a tree that is only really $150 better than the $450 one, but that’s how premium products work. They can charge more because it’s better, usually. Who knows with Hardly Normal.

  • I think this is the importer: https://www.lexilighting.com.au/product/twinkly-6ft-pre-lit-...
    Could try to contact them to see if they'll sell you one directly?

    Otherwise it looks like the tree is sold on a few different marketplaces but probably by the same seller so you might be out of luck finding a better deal unless you can find somewhere to import one.

    • Or lights up online is the other online store (Same supplier different portal) . Supplier from Melb. USE CHRISTMAS code for 10% off. I suggest getting a nice fake tree for say $250 or whatever and get a set of the Twinkly String light sets. Will do the sane thing but you will need to put lights on the tree the traditional way Tell the wife you will put the light on tree. Or if your to. lazy to do that once a year for her. Get the pre lit tree. Thought Aldi had a pre lit one.

  • Shes off her head.
    You cant buy that and show your face here again.

  • Time to get a new Missus !

  • All I can say. This is not a bargain.

  • OP, if you PM me your address, I’ll send you some big boy pants.

    $1,200 tree for Christmas. Even saying it out loud sounds stupid.

  • Because her friend has it, how old is she?
    What are you going to do when her friend gets a new merc?

  • I would go the real tree this xmas , then in post Xmas sales at Myer /djs pickup the plastic variety for 75% off