Mega Office supplies is it legit or have you used the site?

Can anyone confirm if these guy's are legit.

Thanking all in advance for help. Want to buy a $150 item


Great service. Item arrived reasonably promptly given Covid to Melbourne. Pack came with personal smiley note from staff member. Would purchase again. Sign up for news and get 10% off first purchase. Or try MEGA10 code

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  • A search of my email says I bought something from Mega Things Pty Ltd earlier this year and I don't recall having any problems. Seems like a regular office supply store to me.

  • We have purchased many items from them in the past. Including a clock that got cracked in transit which they refunded no-questions-asked. I'd recommend them.

  • Thanks for the heads up guys

  • Is this the first time someone has asked about a store and not been told it is a scam?

    • Well maybe. I used the rule on the pricing if it's looks to good to he true it's probably a scam. Pricing on the item the cheapest. Mind you I was comparing it to an OS seller. Will see how it goes as went ahead with order. I'll update experience