Mytopia Price Jacking on eBay Black Friday Sale

Haven't been posting regularly here.
Came across the ebay listing where price was inflated during blackfriday sale.

  1. Price of product was $479 and further 20% discount of blackfriday effective price should be $479-81.80 = 397.2

  2. Later the base price was inflated to $529-$93.80=435.2

The same has been done for another model of the electric scooter by the same seller.

Have reported to eBay and see below screenshot

Screenshot of price comparison

eBay reporting

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  • It's $469.

  • There are 2 models. $469 and $529

    Both have increased pricing. Check screenshot

  • thats one dodgy image uploading website

    do not recommend opening in public, without adblocker turned on

  • Hope this image uploading site is okay

  • Yes they have jacked up. Saw many eBikes at $1400 plus 20% off but I bought one for $1100 plus 10% off 2 weeks ago.

    • Yeah it let me also add to cart at old price yesterday, but I was not sure and when I checked later the price was inflated.
      ebay rep mentioned he has reported the seller but I doubt any action will be taken

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    And you're surprised, how?

  • Excuse my ignorance but how is this wrong? Aren't sellers free to set their prices (and change them) for whatever reason they want? I would think it's up to the consumer to do their due diligence to see if they are getting a good deal or if it's a fair price?
    Sorry this is a genuine question as I'm not across the issue of price jacking. Cheers.

    • i thought it was illegal to claim X% off and having jacked up the price making it more than normal.?

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        Mytopia and eBay are two different entities. The seller is listing an item for x price and the platform is providing the vouchers.

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      The problem is when they offer the product at $x as regular price and then join promotion like black Friday offering 20% discount and increase to price to $x+

      That's not genuinely offering 20% off on the price which they originally sell the product at. So why mislead by changing the price.

      They had the product at $479 until about 10 pm yesterday and further 20% off, later changed the price to $529 offering 20% off…

  • And now since the sale is over price is back to $479 from $529

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