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Razer Thresher Wireless Gaming Headset for Xbox $75.96 Shipped @ Razer eBay AU


RRP $189
50% discount = $94.95
PRESS20 = 20% discount

TOTAL: 75.96

Lowest of all time. It is a crazy deal for a wireless headset with a decent quality (not a big fan of Razer…but hey, $75 for that.)

Original Coupon Deal

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • Why is it 'for xbox' does it not work with others?

    • Pretty sure it does but I think there is a version for PS4 but not sure why.

      • mm in description it says you can use with PC as well if you buy an xbox adapter…

      • Xbox One X/S uses proprietary Wireless dongle (not compatible with the PS4), but is the same as what is used for the Series X and S. It's the same dongle as their controllers - so if you have the Wireless adapter from XBOX One this will work with a PC.

        Series X and S can also use regular USB headsets like the PS4/PS5.

        Hence why there are two versions (an Xbox Ver and PS ver). Not sure why they did it for newer headsets as well maybe for backwards compatibility for older Xbox's (from the Series X/S to the One X/S)

        • So Series X and S are better for backwards compatibility? It will accept any USB wireless headset even if it is for PS4?

  • OP can you check the PRESS20 works please.

  • is the coupon an ebay or Razer discount

  • Yes it works. When I posted it had 66 sold, now 78. Hurry up

  • $75.96 for me. Thanks! Needed a wireless headset for my Xbox series x.

  • Thanks - got one

  • I got this for my son. Only used on Xbox or pc with adapter. He is very happy with its quality and fit. He is usually quite fussy with headsets

  • Is there a PS4 version for sale? I was waiting for cloud flights to go on sale but for 75 bucks this would be worth it

    • If you want a headset for PS4 best one is the Corsair hs70 pro. I got it for 110 at JB hi-fi using gift card from coles. Otherwise $125 paying in cash

      • Reviews are mixed and cloud flights can be had on sale for $130-150 and are much better in my view

        • Cheapest I found was 166 for flights. for 130 is a different story

          • @Dienk: This time last year, they were 130 on Amazon!!!
            They were 150 like a month ago!!!

            So I was hoping for like a cyber Monday 130 sale!!!

  • Thanks op, grabbed one… now to figure out whether pairing it with the Xbox dongle plugged into a shared USB hub means I can finally quick switch between audio on two computers!

  • I bought these back in September to use with my One X for $130 and am now using them on my Series X. If anyone is interested this is how I have found them.

    Sound is a little dull for my liking (no options to adjust the sound stage), can get quite hot wearing them as they're massive cans, but the biggest gripe is they drop out on me fairly often. I only sit a couple of metres from the console and have direct line of sight. When it disconnects it usually it reconnects itself. I often have people on chat parties tell me I keep breaking up. When this happens I turn it off and back on and usually it comes right.

    Some online sites you tell you these don't have mic monitoring. You can activate mic monitoring on this by holding the left scroll wheel in for a couple of seconds. Not the best but still helps me from shouting the house down. Battery life is so, so approximately ten hours. They do come with a fairly long micro USB cable and can still be used when charging.

    TLDR: Be prepared for issues, but for this price I still think they're worth it for a wireless set.

  • Oh my, I really needed a pair of wireless headphones… farout.