High Power Blender

Hi, looking for a new blender and moving away from the single bottle and go type, to a larger 2L and higher wattage blender (1500-2000w).

My search has me landing on the Sunbeam cafe series Pb9800 for $215ish, but open to suggestions.


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    I got a vitamix - I know they are expensive but I use it everyday, and it does everything as a smoothie, rather than being lumpy.
    Sometimes it's worth spending more for a product that lasts a long time and does a good job.

  • A few years ago, I bought a set from Kmart (https://www.kmart.com.au/product/mini-blender-with-bottles/9... - looked like this, but bigger), and the thing is still kicking along. I Make smoothies probably 3-4x per week (including crushing ice), but also use it to blend soups, biscuits etc

  • Got one of these about 7 years ago, still going strong (vitamix knock-off I think?) got great reviews at the time.


  • I bought a Sunbeam cafe series maybe 7 or 8 years ago. This is just my experience, but it wasn't good. All I wanted to do was make smoothies really, and it struggled to break ice, all the ingredients would just get flung to the edges of the jug, the blades seemed to just throw everything to the side instead of draw it inwards to blend. I thought that I didn't have enough stuff in there so added more water/milk and it didn't help, even though whatever I had in there was well above the minimum indicator. I used the stick thing it comes with that you put through the lid to stir things up and that was useless also. It really was a disappointing, expensive, pain in the ass. Every time I did use it, and lifted the jug off the base, there was black rubber bits over the top of the base, and upon close inspection of the bottom of the jug and top of the base there were no wear marks where something might have been rubbing or shredding.
    I pulled it out of storage a few months ago to try my luck again, and it looked like brown motor oil was leaking from the base. I'm still confused about that. It had been stored properly in a dry environment along with my other 10-11 year old appliances which are working fine still.
    It could have been a dud from the get go and I should have returned it, but I kept trying to get results from it instead.
    As I said, thats just my experience, probably a dud + me not being the smartest cookie. But I won't be buying one of them again.

    edit: 2jz no shit

  • This

    Got this as a gift at some point..

    *Only 1.5l Jug
    *Only 700Watt

    Going strong for nearly a year now - ice, soup, smoothies anything you throw at it really.
    Suprised it's only $49 regular price

  • I have a Optimum G2.6 Platinum Series. Amazing bloody machine. Super quiet too which helps with not pissing the housemates off. I make peanut butter, sauces, smoothies and a lot more in it. Has a cool digital display too, couldn't be happier. A lot cheaper than most brands too