Latest Front Loading Washing Machine

Hi All,

Anyone knows which is the better and latest brand for Front Loading washing machine? (LG or Samsung-prefered but open to other brands too). There are so many new functions out there and its confusing to choose which is the better one and I don't know which function is good for our normal daily wear? Gone are the days where washing machines are only for washing!!! But one thing I do know is that I want the ability to add wash after starting the machine as I usually drop a sock or 2 or undies on the way to the laundry room :p

Budget around AUD1000. Appreciate your valuable inputs. THANKS!


  • as I usually drop a sock or 2 or undies on the way to the laundry room

    nudey run?

    • Thanks Bloom!

      • ^This. WIth your budget Bosch is the way to go…

        • I'll be a vote to the contrary.

          I have a strong hate of Bosch products. My mother had a high-end Bosch washing machine (empty nesters - just her and my father w/ limited use). Lasted under 2-yrs before it had a critical fault that would have cost more than the washer to replace.

          She dumped it, picked up an LG and 8-years later has never had an issue.

          I also used to have an Audi TT that constantly had issues w/ Bosch componentry crapping out. In fact, I tend to find German products in general full of issues and thus I try to avoid them like the plague.

          My vote is for LG.

  • I would avoid Samsung, but LG washing machines are decent, our one is almost 10 years old and still going strong.

    • Agree with this Samsung comment as well. No direct experience, but I was about to pull the trigger on one that came up for sale here but then checked out the reviews and there were again lots of complaints regarding reliability.

      There are some good LG's on sale at the moment as well. Will probably pick one up this weekend. We've got a 15-year old LG top-loader that's working flawlessly, but the boss wants to upgrade to a front-loader with all the bells and whistles.

      • I haven't had a Samsung washer, but our drier is Samsung and needed repaired under warranty, and have had issues with pretty much every Samsung product I have owned (fridge, AC/two mobiles/TV), so I avoid them for everything now.

  • Got ths one few months ago

    Very happy with it, although need to figure out why it still dances down the hallway when you have spin in 1000 or more.

  • Any good sales on as our Bosch just clapped out with error e21
    Prob get a bigger unit now with kids

  • Here's the deal I just scored…

    Appliance Central is selling the LG 8kg wv5-1408w for $678:

    JB are currently selling theirs for $748, but they were more than happy to price match.

    Used my 15% off Him/Her/Teen cards from here ( to make the purchase, which brought the effective price down to $576.3.

    • Damn! I missed this. But I got the WV9-1409B. Quite a bargain due to Black Friday promo at Harvey Norman. But as usual, they stuffed up my delivery. No more after this with HN.

      • How much did you pay for the wv9-1409b?

        • $1088. Display model only left. Didn’t want to wait because of the festive season and they gave more discounts. So I’m ok with that.

  • Thanks all for your replies and information. In the end LG won! Lol. Got the WV9-1409B. The black or dark colored one wins! Something different.

    Anyway got it T Harvey Norman and as usual they stuffed up my delivery. Promised to send it today (Monday) and now they said there was a mistake and can’t deliver till Friday. Shouted at them and told them if it’s not delivered by then, someone’s head will roll. Let’s see about it. Never at HN anymore! 😤

  • Bought a samsung front loader almost 10 years ago. Only problem I had was washing detergent case breaking hose about 2 years ago. They came and replaced free of charge. He also noticed my hose split which I covered with plumbers tape. Came back next week and replaced that too amazing service if you ask me.