Usual Bargains on Catch?

Hi All,

Got the 500 gift card from 15% off PayPal deal.

Originally intended for Asics. But the price is inflated.

what are the usual bargains you find on Catch or will purchase with the gift card?

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    The only things I have bought from catch in years are low value items when they send me a “we miss you” voucher.
    Very rare to see something not cheaper elsewhere.

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      They often match prices on things like game consoles. I would try using the gift card when they do that.


        Do you mean contacting them on live chat to do price match?


          No, more like just waiting for the Target/EB Games/Harvey Norman sale where they drop their price to be the same.


        Yea just like the Nintendo Switch.
        Tempted to buy but reckon wont have much time to play

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    My last bargain off them was the Logitech G710+

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    Catch is now owned by Wesfarmers so almost anything that you want from Target is now available from Catch.

    You can also do pick-ups but the click and collect will still cost $3 or so.

    They are often more expensive than other retailers in a lot of categories.. especially electronics and computing.


      I wish Wesfarmers would buy Wish and clean it up.


      "The $230 million sale price represents a multiple of about 13 times earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation of $17.4 million for the year ending June 30. This is high for a traditional retailer but low for a fast-growing digital business."

      Didnt know that. This story made my day thanks

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    I bought a tube of Zig branded two way glue from Catch because I couldn't find anyone else stocking that brand at the time. I think they shipped it from America. I ought to find a generic brand and just refill the Zig pens.


    They have some Ok deals on cloths now and then

    Catch has lost its way in they got brought out by Coles (or Westfarmers)


    I have mostly just bought liquor off them - They have some decent to good deals on liquor with free shipping. I just bought a pair of dual bike pedals off them using the 15% off discount gift cards.