Usual Bargains on Catch?

Hi All,

Got the 500 gift card from 15% off PayPal deal.

Originally intended for Asics. But the price is inflated.

what are the usual bargains you find on Catch or will purchase with the gift card?

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  • The only things I have bought from catch in years are low value items when they send me a “we miss you” voucher.
    Very rare to see something not cheaper elsewhere.

    • They often match prices on things like game consoles. I would try using the gift card when they do that.

  • My last bargain off them was the Logitech G710+

  • Catch is now owned by Wesfarmers so almost anything that you want from Target is now available from Catch.

    You can also do pick-ups but the click and collect will still cost $3 or so.

    They are often more expensive than other retailers in a lot of categories.. especially electronics and computing.

    • I wish Wesfarmers would buy Wish and clean it up.

    • "The $230 million sale price represents a multiple of about 13 times earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation of $17.4 million for the year ending June 30. This is high for a traditional retailer but low for a fast-growing digital business."

      Didnt know that. This story made my day thanks

  • I bought a tube of Zig branded two way glue from Catch because I couldn't find anyone else stocking that brand at the time. I think they shipped it from America. I ought to find a generic brand and just refill the Zig pens.

  • They have some Ok deals on cloths now and then

    Catch has lost its way in they got brought out by Coles (or Westfarmers)

  • I have mostly just bought liquor off them - They have some decent to good deals on liquor with free shipping. I just bought a pair of dual bike pedals off them using the 15% off discount gift cards.