Gaming Laptop - Budget $1500

Hi All,

Wife is after a laptop. It will be predominantly for school work (she is a teacher), but she wants to game on it as well. I was searching for a touchscreen laptop all week but she just said that she'd rather go without a touch screen and have it run fast instead.

This changes the ball game and i am after some ideas on powerful laptops that will suit her needs. She'd like it to be as lightweight as possible. She isn't one to care about gaming graphics being at the highest settings, like i know some gamers are. She just wants a fast computer that will allow her to game when she wants.

There's probably heaps of options out there! Hoping all of your computer experts on here can narrow down my choices a bit! There are too many options.

Thanks heaps.


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    What size is she after and how important is battery life?

    • standard laptop size, id say 14-15 inch. Longer battery life would be nice, but not essential.

      • If you don't mind refurbished, the Dell Outlet has some good prices. Look for laptops with a Nvidia GeForce GTX graphics
        If you want a powerful laptop then the G5 15 for $1239 is great with a GTX1660Ti. It's on the heavier side at at ~2.7kg and battery life isn't the greatest. Another option is the Inspiron 15 for $1299 with a GTX1650 which is a more entry-level gaming card but it's in a much smaller and lighter build ~1.8kg and large battery 97WHr
        For both cases, I would recommend upgrading the RAM to 16GB which can be done easily in both cases

        • I think she'd prefer a lighter weight with more battery life. She aint gonna play the newest games and the highest graphics settings. Normal or low graphics settings will do her fine. I'm gonna head out to a few stores tomorrow and get hands on with some laptops. I generally understand the specs, but i want a good feel to the laptop to. Thanks so much for you help.



  • It's too bad there's not a windows equivalent of the new macbook air.

  • have a look at the l340 from lenovo. or the dell g3