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$15 off All New Wiper Blades @ Wipertech


Was browsing insta and an ad popped up (maybe related with my browsing) 😀

With free express shipping

Needed a pair for my car so not bad from wipertech (previously bought from them so not that bad)

Expires midnight 2/12/20

Good Luck and enjoy

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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    Got these on 2 of our cars now and they're excellent. I've spent more on "quality" wipers from Repco etc and these are much better over time.


    Hmmm. $51 with coupon code vs $39 for genuine with known performance. I'll pick the genuine item thanks.

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      Genuine wiper blades?


        AC Delco from eBay.


          Can't really call wipers genuine. They are all produced by 3rd party companies.
          It would be comparable to calling Woolies milk non-genuine vs. someone like Pauls, they are both milk just different qualities.


    Jenok deal from yesterday seems better? Guess it depends on your car. This deal had me paying 89 vs the 47.20 delivered from jenok



      Which blades are $89 with the discount?

      I think full price for all 3 was $89 for our Swift Sport, so $74 with the discount. The Jenok deal only lists front? Front only Wipertec are $54 with the discount so less than $7 difference…not saying one is better than the other, just pointing out the difference isn't as substantial.


        You are right about the 89 being front and back.
        Although the Jenok for me was 47.50 after discount. Only includes the two front pair but has spare refills included.
        If you need rears, definitely this deal the right one


        Jenok has 2 spare refills. Couldn't see any for me rear wiper. Don't really care as much about the back window though.

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        Bring back the $25 front deals! But I've got Bosch Aerotwins anyway.


    How does this compare with Bosch Aero twins?