Best Coffee Machine under $300

Just planning to buy a decent coffee machine that can make best coffee. Any suggestions?


  • I've seen these go for as low as 200

    i got one it is fantastic

  • You mean an Espresso machine? Otherwise there's various drip types etc. When you say "coffee machine" though, I'm thinking espresso machine with group head and steam wand etc.

    I was never into coffee until very recently. I bought a Sunbeam Mini-Barista for just over $200 and it seems ok. I always figured that once I'd learned to use it, if I enjoyed making (and consuming) coffee, I would upgrade to something better. My wife might say that I'm no becoming a bit obsessive about making espresso - but she would also concede that the resulting shots are (usually) very good indeed!

    So…I've gotten to the point where I've bought single-wall baskets, and have been weighing input, output, and measuring time (now cutting it off myself before the machine decides it has finished). The coffee has grown better as I've gone along and tweaked things. I like doing this very much. I never realised that such tiny changes to the process can have such a marked effect on the quality of the output.

    The little Sunbeam does ok. I think just about any basic machine would. The steaming has often produced a very nicely textures milk, though I know there is better. For what it costs, I could hardly expect more.

    What I would like to do now is get a better grinder…I think there's more benefit to be had in freshly grinding the beans yourself, and having a very consistent grinder, than there is in buying the best machine. I have a little hand grinder, which is not the cheapest, but certainly not the best. I've settled on a setting though, and rarely stray from it. A better grinder than what I own would produce a more consistent grind, and finer gradations.

    Of course, if you don't want to do all of that yourself, then you might want something that grinds, doses, and brews automagically. You won't get something that does all of that well for under $300 though.

  • Delonghi dedica if you are after a manual machine. $150-$199 but you need a grinder too.

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    I upgraded to duo temp pro few months ago from Nespresso pods machine. You can't get better machine at this price