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[Backorder] Samsung Aramid Standing Cover for Galaxy Z Fold2 $65.80 + Delivery @ JB Hifi (Online Only)


For those who have a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 (such as after the recent Black Friday deals), I found Samsung’s first party Aramid standing cover discounted down to $65.80 at JB Hifi. Whilst you need to add delivery ($4.99 for Sydney) since it’s online only, it’s still cheaper than most other places which hover around the $90 mark (RRP $94). With discounted egift cards from Suncorp it comes to $67.25.

Note that this is a back order with delivery quoted to me of first week January 2021. If you’re in a rush then Samsung EPP (and presumably education store) have it for $75.2 delivered.

Key features (taken from JB Hifi):

  • This case is made with Aramid material, created to be extremely thin to keep your phone's form factor as intact as possible

  • This lightweight, thin material is strong, making it durable and scratch-resistant

  • A kickstand is built in to the back to hold your phone up in landscape mode at a comfortable angle

Note that there’s plenty of reviews out there on YouTube and some people love it whilst others hate it. TL;DR is it’s protecting the back only (since front covers seem to have loads of issues), the Kevlar is very slim and strong, wireless charging works, expensive in the US at USD60 ( before taxes) and stand can pop off.

Official specs: https://www.samsung.com/au/mobile-accessories/aramid-standin...

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  • I worry about the front - I have a Spigen cover on it currently, but it feels incredibly cheap and not entirely nice to hold, albeit providing some level of protection.
    Does anybody have experience with these sort of cases as far as damage goes?

    • I’m planning to just go care+.

      I also have a ringke case but from reading and watching lots of reviews, none offer an ideal solution for the front. Even the new Spigen slim armour pro seems to have some concerns around crap getting inside between front case and glass, and requiring cleaning regularly.

      • Yeah, that's what I've noticed. Really don't want to make it worse.
        I added it to my home insurance (was only a few dollars a month) but unsure to what extent that would cover scratches (unless it's so scratched it's unusable)

      • Same, got Care+ too, and got some eBay carbon fiber back case, which come with the front cover, but flimsy and got in the way of the front screen protector, so I never use it. Need back case for grips. $70 back case is way too much.

    • I've had the aramid case from day 1. Very slim and nice to hold.. but it is only half a case.. I also went with Care+.

  • 100% go with Care+

    I have purchased 7-8 full body cases and most of them interfere with the operation of the front screen or allow dust/dirt to get caught under causing scratches on body of the phone. Even cases with adhesive to hold them in place don't protect from damage. I have 20-30 small marks on the front and back frame portion (not the spine) of the phone so now i've just gone with an official leather back. I bought care+ when it was 50% off, but i did want to try a few cases and none have really hit the mark.

  • Has anyone removed the factory screen protectors?

    • Nope but the matte screen protectors I see on YouTube look so damn tempting.

    • I haven't, but I'm very close to removing the front one…. It's getting so scratched up and I'm very careful with it. I've never had a plastic screen protector on a phone before so I'm unsure if that's the norm