OzBargain Style Tyres - Best Value Tyres for My 09 Forester XT?

Have a 2009 Subaru Forester XT - manual, currently needing some fresh rubber for it.

Bit of info about the car, makes 200kw atw, currently has coilovers, upgraded rear sway bar and a front strut brace, it is my everyday driver. I still enjoy a nice twisty road, they are part of my commute but i would imagine anything is better than what i am rocking right now.

Stock size is 225/55/17, was considering the RE003's but considering it is my daily car I am not sure on the life expectancy of these.

Chasing a good value tyre - wanting some decent life, doesn't have to be the stickiest thing out there.

Any recommendations?

Located Melbourne.


  • RE003's will be fine. Good in fact. My last set lasted 50k on a luke warm hatch that I drove sensibly, but not always.

    • Mmmmm they may have good longevity on a nice long but hatch, but the weight or the car can impact it

      • What?

        My car weighed 1400kg and did the 100 dash in 7.5s

        Yours weighs 1525 and does it in 7.1

        Not sure an extra 30 kg per wheel would add significantly to the wear rate, from 350kg per corner to 380kg.

  • Conti Premium Contact 5. $190each

  • heard good things about the Michelin SP4 if you haven't looked into them

  • I just bought the Pirelli P7 for my XV from "mycar black friday sale" at half price $122 each
    Dont know what they re like havnt installed yet.