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2TB Lifetime Storage for US$245 @ Pcloud


Got this in my email from pCloud for lifetime storage of 2TB.

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    Lifetime until they’re bought out by another company or go out of business.

    • Cane to say the same. Beware of lifetime subscriptions as they usually last the lifetime of the company, not yours

      • which companies have been bought out and stopped the cloud service or died from lifetime services?

        • At least three different vps companies I found on lowendbox who got bought out within a couple of years.

        • The one i used a while ago was cerberus, for tracking list phones. They offered lifetime, i paid for it, but in this case after a few years they said "ooops, we had better success then anticipated, so we cannot honor our lifetime subscriptions and need to start charging you".

          • @gonzule: ha ha ha.
            that's capitalism.

            all they have to do is re brand themselves to start new 'lifetime' offers

            besides. soon 2tb will be enough to store 4 photos

            • @millusions: Yeah, exactly. Google photos is not going to offer unlimited storage next year, so i was thinking about getting the 200gb plan, then realized my phone is 128GB, so that means i usually have 80GB worth of photos (and videos in hd) every 6 months, meaning that those 200GB wouldn't last too long.

        • Flickr

          Google Photos

    • pCloud are well known and have been around for a few years now.
      Not saying it won't happen, just that they're already established and have been running this model for some time.

  • Tried pCloud before and the speed was not great. I went back to Google One sub.

  • If we're talking about no-name cloud storage options, there is always 10TB lifetime for USD$99 with degoo

    • Degoo are absolutely terrible. They are known for limiting "lifetime" accounts after a period of time as well as constantly snooping your data and blocking/deleting accounts without warning and then never responding to their customers. It's become a common practice with these kinds of businesses who sell "lifetime" subscriptions.

  • Whose lifetime? mine or theirs? most likely theirs.. which is close to useless

  • Another lifetime deal?
    After having gone through zoolz… I honestly don’t think these should be classified as a bargain or even posted. They’ll work for an interminable amount of time after which you’ll be left high and dry.

    Considering many reputable cloud providers offer yearly plans for $60 or so, this offer has to:
    1. Stay in business longer then 4 years to break even
    2. The software they provide is often so crap and slow

  • No such thing as a lifetime subscription, especially with cloud storage.
    Monthly is the most reliable you will get as pretty much all of these companies drop your storage amount usually after a year if that, or close/delete your account entirely or even just go out of business…

    • It’s not rocket science.. they pay monthly for the storage (probably amazon glacier or some other), and as they get more users they need to add more people in each month for a lifetime sub to keep the lights on

  • Yes yes… but if the 'lifetime' deal costs about as much as 2-3 years of monthly fees from an equivalent service, then it works out well.