Anyone Bought Q60T 75" in recent Black Friday Deals? How good is it under $2k? Fair advice please?

So i recently purchased Q60T 75" from Jb as the ETA is 22nd December. Salesman was so busy that he had no time to show other TV's . Had que of 10 other customer's out of them 8 were after the same. Yes my budget was $2k and i only wanted 75" inch so done the deal.
I heard lot of feedback about the same TV but wondering if anyone else got the same & telling me the honest reviews? Non-Gamer only sports & movies.

Already have 5 yrs old 48 inch Samsung so went with Samsung again.

Warehouse had only 120 in Stock & salesman told me it will be 4 weeks from today so i m assuming before Christmas i will get it. In the mean time if any other model/brand u pls suggest in Qled i may cancel my order for that?