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Shun Classic Knife Block Set 5pce $335.20 + Delivery (Was $419) @ Peter's of Kensington eBay


Original Coupon Deal

Guys, I know many people might missed the deal from the previous post under user:phoenx.

PeterK has restock the exact same set and quickly get yours while it's still $335.20!!!

The Classic series is fairly popular on ozbargain, and there are a few strong advocates here which pushed me to look at them, and online reviews/comparisons also speak to the quality of these knives.

Anyway, contents:
Included in Set
8.5cm Paring Knife.
16.5cm Santoku Knife. (note: the picture on the item page shows this is as DM0718, which is actually 18cm)
20cm Chef's Knife.
Multi-purpose Kitchen Shears.
Hardwood storage block.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • Anyway to get free shipping if don't have plus?

    • Click & Collect ?

      • Based in Perth

        • +1

          ah right.
          well, if you use CashRewards for $30 off,
          that could compensate your shipping costs ? :-)

          • @whyisave: Knives will prob be under "Home" category, so it's 1% cb only. Better than nothing ofc

            • @TintinD: these knives are listed under 'Collectables'
              so, i was hoping that CashRewards would work with the special 15% ;-)

  • Where’s the bread knife?

    • You don't need a knife set

      In short, you should allocate most of your budget for a good chef knife and then spend the rest on whatever will get the job done.
      If you had US$ 1000 to blow on a knife block above, then for that same budget you could get:

      A chef knife that outperforms everything at Sur la Table (about US$ 250)
      A great cutting board (about US$ 110)
      A bread knife (about US$ 30)
      A paring knife (about US$ 20)
      Whetstones to keep your chef knife screaming sharp (US$ 80)
      Towels to wipe down your knife and cutting board (US$ 10)

      • I love how that writer talks about behavioural psychology, speaking as a psychologist.
        Read it people

  • just bought it, thank you. It comes down to $342.2 including shipping costs for me

  • A very useful trio of knives, and I too am fond of these Shun blades. Much better option than many larger sets at the same price or even less.

    • are you talking about this set of 3 x knives ?

      NEW Shun Classic Knife Set C 3 x Piece (With coupon: AU$ 290.4 , was AU$ 363)

      I'm thinking of whether to bite the bullet and get a Shun Santoku (normal or wide),
      or to wait for a sale on the Yaxell Mon range.

      • They're nice too. YMMV…I really like a utility knife like the one in that set…but I also like something like the chef's knife in the other set. I don't have a Santoku…but I need to get one.

  • Bought this in the last deal arrived the day after, really impressed with the set for the price.

  • +1

    they should make a block set contain a sankotu+cleaver+sujihiki+hankotsu+petty

    • That's gonna be one bulky block if you add both the cleaver and suji!

  • Is this much better than global. I'm thinking of getting a really good knife set.

    • whatever knife you get, you also need to look at
      the equipment that will prolong the life of your knives,
      - a sharpening block
      - the chopping block

      both of them, will reduce the damage on the knife

      People like knives for different reasons,
      e.g. aesthetics, the type of steel, the care necessary,
      function to be performed in the kitchen, etc.

      • I got both, I'm just thinking of getting a shun premier set.

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