Bathroom Renovation Prices - Are these quotes too high or do I have unrealistic expectations?

Hello friendly OZB communtiy first time renovators here and we need some help on sanity checking the recent quotes we have received.

So we are looking to fully renovate the following rooms in Western Sydney with no changes to the location of any existing plumbing services apart from switching to wall hung vanities from floor standing.

  • laundry 2.5m x 2m
  • main bathroom 2.5 x 2m
  • seperate toilet 2m x 1m
  • ensuite 2m x 2m

To date we have received back two quotes

Quote 1 $84K including labour and all materials
Quote 2 $75K total ($58K labour only and we would purchase our own materials worth approx $17K)

Do these seem remotely reasonable? We were expecting somewhere closer to $50K total and these quotes have left us a bit stunned.

Considering that both contractors have stated the job would take 3 weeks max even if i was to conservatively assume 3 guys on site at all times and a labour rate of $100 per hour the labour bill excluding materials should be somewhere around $36K (3 guys x 8 hours per day x 15 days x $100 per hour) not the approx $60K worth of labour im being quoted.

Update Quote 3 came back at a much more reasonable $58K.

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    "Toit like a toiger"


    How do you know they will just work 8 hours a day? How do you know they arent planning and doing other things during this time?

    You not taking into account travel time, tolls, cost of equipment, insurances etc

    Your also not taking into account the guy who owns it probably needs to make at least 10-15k for the job to be worth it….

    You might find better to shop around but 50k is unrealistic from what you saying you want


      Ive already done all of the 3d modelling and design work required.

      They are both local companies 5-10mins down the road from my house so minimal travel should be required.

      Granted the owner will need tag on 10-20% profit margin for himself.

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        The company might be local but are all the workers?

        There is a lot more to the building industry then I think ppl realise.

        I can only speak about how it is here in Victoria butid say 60-80k would be about right depending on what materials and finishings ur after


        Ive already done all of the 3d modelling and design work required

        3d model on a computer isnt going to take into account any of the issues the builders will run into when they go to build. Are your floors perfectly level? Are your walls perfectly square? Are the services in the exact right positions or do they need to be moved - is there issues in how they need to be moved ie. Studs in the way, drainage issues etc.

        Recently did our small bathroom diy for less than $2k which was just wallpapering and tiling as well as a new vanity and fittings. The most complex part other than wall squareness and rot in our bathtub frame was working out all the tile cuts. If you're stating you've already got a perfect design for tile cuts taking into account grout lines and corner trims then go ahead and rent a tile cutter from bunnings and watch a couple of videos on YouTube - it's not a hard job to do, just take your time and you'll save a bucket.

        If you don't have the skills to do it then the cost for someone who knows what they're doing is the cost it is.

        I'd recommend asking to at least see some pics of the builders previous work so you can see if it's decent. Better yet get a recommendation from someone you trust who had a good job done…

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      $100 an hour makes up for travel time and the cost of equipment. Do you ever see anyone but tradies complain about travel time increasing the cost of a job? They generally have shorter commutes with free parking as well. They want a year's salary for 3 weeks. The money in Australia is in trades.

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    Quote 2 $75K total ($58K labour only and we would purchase our own materials worth approx $17K)

    Just DIY for $17K.

    Allow 6 months to complete

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      This is OP best option

      However it is unlikely OP has the tools to do the job

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        Thats why bunnings exists …… hire

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    50k is unrealistic. I've been shopping around because I'm doing a bigger extension, but most builders have told me if you want a decent bathroom, 20k. A moderate finish would be 15k, just toilet probably 7-10k. Laundry would usually be between just toilet and a moderate finish bathroom.

    So all up according to what you said, it should be around 65k, may be 70k. Not 85k though.


    FYI - I had something very similar to what you are looking to get done and paid $60k by a reputable renovator with Italian tiles and good quality fittings. However, I'm in WA. Not sure what an east coast markup would be? My 2 cents would be that those prices are slightly high, but you are probably getting hit with COVID demand price inflation. I signed up in June and the work happened late July to early Sept, so avoided the worst of it. Good luck!


    This is going to be the wog in me but are you paying cash or is it all above board?

    If cash 50k is do able

    Above board 70k at least


      Haha all above board unfortunately


        Fair enough - yeah mate 50k wont do it i reckon the quote for 75K is actually pretty fair then

        Bcuz ur paying GST, Tax, workover etc etc

        But you never know if you shop around you might do better but building and renovating is unbelievably expensive if you cant do bulk of the work yourself

        Anyone saying it is expensive have either no experience when to comes to it or is old generation when people use to work for a hell of a lot less

        It isnt like the bloke where the companies are working for barely any profit becuz they get exposure on tv.


          @Ontheshred @latenight
          Can you help me understand the pros and cons of cash job?

          I am in PPoR (I cannot negatively gear) and planning to renovate my bathroom and continue to live here for a few more years. I would get discounts for paying cash. I want to understand other implications if I decide to pay cash.
          1) does paying cash mean they cannot provide me a warranty for their work or a waterproofing certificate?
          2) Does it mean if there is a dispute and I end up in tribunal, I have no ground to stand on?

          Thank you for any enlightenment.


            @thesydneysider: or my home insurance company can reject any future claims if I cannot produce receipts of work

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            @thesydneysider: By paying cash i mean not on the books - ie no warranty, no safe guards, no consumer protection.

            However the 'tradesmen' (if he has a businesses) would want to do a decent job becuz you could always report them to the ATO if you unhappy with there work.

            As a general rule it is much cheaper but a hell of a lot riskier. I wouldnt go a big reno under cash but i know people that have. Sometimes if you want 'warranty' and certain safe guards you can do a bit of both ie pay part of it on the books (so it looks above board to all other parties ie insurances etc) then the rest cash.

            It all depends on the tradesmen any job under 2k i've always asked if they would do it 'cash' for 15-20% less.

            However i will say this i was bitten in the ass once in which i paid a deposit and money for materials to a d**k head and he did a runner. So if you are going to do a cash job dont pay them anything until the work has been commenced.

            I will say this for plumbing and electrical i've also always been above board becuz they are 'registered' trades and this can bite you in the ass if you ever sell the property

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    They're ripping you off big time. Shouldn't be anywhere close to such figures. Don't even bother negotiating with such clowns. Find yourself more competitive tradies. Plenty good ones out there. Try hipages. Cheers


      Hip lol, been watching too much block haha, worst place to get a tradie, they go on there as it’s cheap.


        Been using it for years. Have a great team of tradies in 2 cities. Also, never watched the block. Cheers!

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          Yep you got cheap

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    Apply to the block ……


    had about the same done 2 years ago about 60k

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    we just redid a bathroom for around 25k. included waterproofing, shower, toilet and basin. floor to ceiling tiles.

    nothing fancy. I'm sure it was all basic level stuff. had 2 similar quotes

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    We were quoted 16k for a company do do it all
    Got it done for about 6k

    Did demo ourself, bought the products we wanted and organised tiling, waterproofing, installation ourself through various trades