Harvey Norman Furniture Cooling off Period

Is there any standard cooling off period policy applicable to store or may be range of products?

I ordered for a lounge from Harvey Norman for $4550 and paid $1000 via gift cards as an upfront payment on Friday, with tentative delivery around March-April per contract.

The wifey changed her mind :) and it was mutually agreed between us to cancel the order. What options do I have in hand to get this cancelled from store?

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  • I ordered a fridge with Harvey Norman with a delivery date of 1 week. A week passed without the fridge being delivered so I went in-store and asked about its progress. It was 'in transit'. 'In transit' was the only phrase the head guy could mutter. I said to him "where is the fridge right now at this very moment?" and upon my insistence he looked up the system to check… they hadn't ordered it. Harvey Norman had my $500 deposit and hadn't even got off their behinds to order it when Bing Lee had the fridge in stock.

    Harvey Norman's price was more expensive than Bing Lee too. I politely asked for a refund on my deposit but was denied because it was too difficult for them and I had already committed to it and restocking fees and warehouse logistics etc (even though they still hadn't ordered it). I remained polite and stood my ground and eventually did receive my refund but not before copping a fair bit of verbal abuse.

    Good luck with your shopping experience at Harvey Norman.

    • …and upon my insistence he looked up the system to checkā€¦ they hadn't ordered it.

      …receive my refund but not before copping a fair bit of verbal abuse.

      First, they lied to you and then they had the balls to verbally abuse you for wanting a refund? They should be glad that you're probably too polite (I'm making assumptions here! haha). I have to admit that I wouldn't have let things go that easily. It pisses me off just to read your story!

      • It was the worst experience I have had as a customer. I remained cool and calm throughout the interaction which I think made him madder.

        I have seldom shopped there since.

    • thanks mate for sharing your experience, I feel for you as well. I believe if they hadn't even shipped it, should not have any issues cancelling the order. In my scenario, it could have been an issue if I would have come back like weeks after the order. Considering the expected delivery time is 3-4 months anyways, I hope they can cancel for me.

  • https://www.fairtrading.nsw.gov.au/buying-products-and-servi...

    Cooling-off period
    'I'm always protected by a cooling-off period. That means I can change my mind and withdraw from the sale even though I have signed a contract.'

    Cooling-off periods only apply to a limited number of transactions including:
    telemarketing and door-to-door sales (unsolicited consumer agreements)
    some contracts for the purchase of land or property
    some contracts for motor vehicles where the dealer is also arranging the finance
    contracts with an agency to sell property.

    In all cases, specific conditions apply and you need to make sure you understand your rights before signing any contract, even if a cooling-off period is available.
    With most contracts, you can't rely on a cooling-off period. Know your rights before you sign.

  • Change of Mind

    Please choose carefully as refunds are not normally provided where you have simply changed your mind, made a wrong selection or simply found the goods cheaper elsewhere. We recommend you carefully preview any orders before adding them to your shopping cart and proceeding with your order.


    Also is it normal to wait approx 6 months for a couch? Really?

    • Yes, unless the couch is sitting in a local warehouse, HN orders the couch to be made in China and they ship it over in batches. The whole process takes at least 6 months.

    • I believe the standard or average waiting time for couches have been 3 months anyways. With recent circusmstances, this has gone up primarily because of a sudden surge of new orders creating a backlog for both retailer and back-end suppliers.

  • Wowee - nearly $5,000 for a sofa and they make you wait 6 months?

  • +1 vote

    The wifey changed her mind :)

    Not first time? but might be last, as this could be an expensive lesson… or you deal with her decision (not her problem :D)

  • Who waits for 6 months and pays $4.5k for a sofa that is made in the PRC?

    Why not buy Aussie made or drop by Ikea and collect on the same day?

    • I enjoy the slight saltiness of slave tears on my furnitures from PRC with the occasional Mandarain pleading note. Delicious.

      Why else would anyone want Harvey Norman's premium, shitty service and waiting?

    • Bud, I would be happy to consider that if you can share any Aussie made Leather sofas? Usually they start off around minimum of 7.5-8$ mark.

  • Be careful OP, the furniture may not be the only thing she changes her mind about.