The Good Guys Telling Me My TV Won't Arrive until The New Year but Still Showing 3 - 7 Days Delivery Online

Hi everyone,

Like many of you I took advantage of the eBay deal at TGG and ordered the LG 65 CX OLED. I got a call on Saturday from my local TGG, advising me that they sold through all the stock and LG told them they should not put new orders in. They told me that it is likely that the delivery will be delayed until the new year.

Yet, TGG is still showing 3 to 7 business days delivery on their own website for my postcode.

Anyone know what's up with that? Are they prioritising in-store and their own online store?


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The Good Guys
The Good Guys


  • I bet if you ordered from their own website and paid, you’ll get a call telling you “no stock”.

    If you live near a store go and pretend you’re interested and what sort of stock levels they have.

  • The only thing they are prioritising is sales

  • I bought mine on 9/11 and received it 20/11, the store had no stock at time of purchase so it was on backorder. Was told the demand was high due to covid and gamers…lol

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    if you want it enough, suck it up. otherwise get a refund.

    • There you go - that's the Ozbargain way!
      Just let retailers lie to consumers - and if you don't like it, go to a different store.

  • From my experience, The Good Guys won't recall stock from one store to another store or for an online order, if the store that's fulfilling your order is out of stock it has to come from the warehouse. So it's possible that some stores have stock on premises but online orders are going to back-order, that just seems to be the way they do it.

  • Just curious OP, what day did you purchase the TV through ebay? I'm actually trying to call The Good Guys now to confirm when we're expecting to receive our TV, ours was ordered through their Customer Service team as it's replacing a Sony X9000H we got a refund for.

    • Nov 26th

      • Yeah the Ebay stock must be from a different pool. I finalised payment of the difference between the TVs on Nov 29th, just received the CX today.

        • I was assigned a store after buying it on eBay and I guess stock levels vary between stores. Still not a pleasent customer experience if you loose the store lottery

          • @skyworxx: Yeah definitely not pleasant. There's a chance we may have been prioritised as they also needed to take back the Sony TV when they delivered the CX.