UK Mail Forwarders - Anyone Know a Currently Decent One?

Has anyone used a UK mail forwarder recently that was ok?


  • Hi, have a look at
    They forward parcels but not general mail.

  • I use my family. :)

  • I use UK PostBox Ltd after finding Royal Mail international forwarding a complete rip off.

    Tip, set up domestic forwarding from old address to UK PostBox Ltd, then get them to forward to your international address on a package by package basis.

    Another tip, buy 50 envelopes and 50 stamps and self address those envelopes to yourself at UK PostBox Ltd, give those to whoever lives at your old home next, and any mail the post office fails to forward (which is a decent amount) the next occupier can shove it in your self addressed envelope and post.

    • They seem cheaper than the alternatives, but I tried signing-up and now they want me to "verify my identity", which is very unusual & suspicious for a parcel-forwarding service.

      I don't know if I want to trust them with a copy of my driving license, just to save a few $s.

      • They've been reasonable to me for the last few years. I passed the identity verification checks. Either way, if they're handling your mail, you have to trust them. They have a scanning service, too, so they can open your mail and scan it if you request it, rather than paying for forwarding a letter.