Is "Nintendo Switch Console" Good for Sports/Activities???


Is this a good deal to buy (below)?

"Nintendo Switch Console + Mario Kart Game + 3 month free online"

I am looking to buy something with sports/activities (Tennis, Exercise, Some physical activities like jogging, running, etc.) and I was told that Nintendo Switch will be the best option at present. I am looking for something similar to Nintendo Wii so that I can include some activity in gaming.

Thank you.


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    Why don't you just go do those activities outside?

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      But, OP will have leave their property and feel the sun and open air.

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      what a silly question… why would i want to go outside when i can sit on the couch and pretend to workout?

    • I am already doing the "weight loss journey" and doing lots of activities outside. I am actually looking to buy this for someone who is not interested in outside activities. Thank you.

      • I didn't see your comment before my post below.
        Just ask that person to go with you. Get them involved. Always easier to exercise with someone or in a group.
        People can't just be not interested in outside activities. There's usually a reason. Work out what that is. Unless they're like the bubble boy from Seinfeld.

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    I recommend Fitness Boxing or the Ring Fit. I've used both and love them, they help you get into the habit of working out and are perfect if you're just looking to get 'some' physical activity

    • I think Fitness Boxing and Ring Fit are games of Nintendo Switch. Isn't it? So are you saying that buying Nintendo Switch will be a good deal but I have to buy these games separately as well? Thank you.

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        Hey, yeah sorry I should've been more clear. Fitness Boxing and Ring Fit are both games for the Nintendo Switch :) they're really good to help you get into the habit of being more active

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          Perfect. These sound amazing. Thank you very much.

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    Ring fit for sure. Got it 2 days ago and I'm still aching. Probably recomend wwearing shoes for all the jogging on the spot activities.

  • If you want a console for physical activity the switch with Ring Fit is awesome I work out with mine all the time and consider it one of the best fitness related purchases I've made. I haven't tried the Fitness Boxing game they did but have seen mixed reports on it. As for a sports game to play with other people there hasn't really been a competitor to Wii Sports that really covers that 1-2 Switch was pretty lame, closest you'll get to Wii Tennis is the swing mode for Mario Aces that is pretty fun.

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      Fitness boxing is available as a demo, muscles still ache from trying it out on Saturday

      • I think I'll check out the demo today

  • Just sign up for a free 20 day Chloe ting challenge or something.

  • Get a second hand Wii with Wii Fit. Will cost you like $50 total

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    It never works out like that. I just ended up gaming the whole time.
    If you really want to exercise start an exercise routine.

    • I agree with Pufff. Buy a Switch to reward yourself with excellent couch time after you've completed exercise.

      I keep very fit but Zelda BotW had me in my chair for some serious hours!

  • Thank you everyone

  • Just buy Dark Souls and you'll get a workout from throwing your controller around in anger