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KitchenAid 5KCM0812 Siphon Coffee Brewer: Black/Glass - $65 Delivered @ Myer


Siphon/vacuum-style coffee machine from Kitchenaid. I bought on the last $99 OzB deal and itโ€™s a great unit. Looks like a science experiment and makes great black coffee - smoother and less bitter than espresso-style.

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  • Nice! Not sure if we need it but what the heck..

  • Awesome find, was looking for a cheap drip coffee machine yesterday and this looks amazing at that price. Picking up by walking into local Myer.
    Thanks ๐Ÿ‘

  • Fantastic find. I bought one for my brother in law.

  • Hey OP, I have a cheap espresso machine, im not really a fan of the coffee or the cleaning. What i'm after is something super easy before I work out in the morning? Would you recommend this thing ?

    • You don't like your current machine because it's cheap and nasty? Or you don't like it because you don't like espresso and/or just want the caffeine?

      You can probably put this on a powerpoint timer, which might be handy for convenience in the morning. But Siphon is probably the worst method for clean up.

      I would suggest cold brew. Prepare in advance, and just nuke it in the morning if you want something hot. Or some sort of automatic drip machine, I guess (Moccamaster if you want to spend the money on something good).

      • The machine I have is the delonghi icona. It was okay for a while but im officially at my wits end and have just about given up on the thing. Hard to explain but it drips the coffee out instead of flowing out. Im after a quick caffeine hit in the morning but don't like instant coffee. Yes hot is preferable. Thanks

    • Aeropress sounds like it would suit you. Barely any cleanup, and it takes under 90 seconds to make a brew.

  • These are really great. I've got one (for $99) in the last KitchenAid sale.

    Depending on the grind, you won't need to use the cloth filter provided. Or if you are ordering coffee, choose aeropress grind size.

    The siphon stand is unnecessary if you place the siphon straight into the sink after brewing.

  • Thanks

    bought via Myer eBay with plus to get free delivery!

  • Will give it a chance, thanks! Further 5% off using Macquarie instant gift cards +/- 15% CR cashback, can't go too wrong surely.

  • Damn it I bought a replacement for my 3+ year old Sipon last week on eBya for $89! I like them and they are very easy to use (kids can do it), but when they got cheap I had a look at the one I'd used for years and noticed the plastic parts were all breaking and it was no longer sealing properly. So I expect it to last as long as a kettle, not as long as my antique syphons.

    • How do you compare the quality of the coffee compared to your regular syphons? (Lack of adjustability obviously - but works ok?)

      It's a trade-off between coffee quality and convenience, I would think.

      • Yeah I'd say it's good enough, but not as good :) I still prefer to use the Bodum Pebo, Hario NXT5, or Yama SY5 if I've got the time and inclination, but that doesn't happen too often.

        On a manual syphon I can adjust the temperature and brew time if I've got the grind slightly wrong, and I time the brew by how the coffee smells.

  • Got one op. C n c though so unless they sell it to someone. Thanks

  • I bought one of these recently for $99 so this is a good price and while I think it makes very good coffee the one drawback I find with it is that it's a pain to clean. The main jug is designed in such a way that when you tip it upside down it doesn't drain completely. It means that when you wash it you have to jiggle it around to get all the water out.
    I wouldn't bother with the cloth filters that come with it either. More trouble than they're worth.

  • Got one. Thanks. Hope it makes good coffee :)

  • Is it possible to use this as a kettle?

    • According to this instruction video @5:30
      you can just use it to boil the water but I think it is a slow boiling system and it takes ~5minutes pretty cool boiling ๐Ÿ˜„. I believe the temperature is farehnite

  • Did anyone receive their Siphon Brewer?

    I never received it but today received a refund from Myer. No accompanying email or apology letter, etc.

    This is crazy!

    • I got mine.

      From memory, Myer has a really dumb system where online orders are allocated to stores for fulfilment, but not picked immediately / without allocating the stock. So your order is sent to a store with stock, but by the time the store staff go through the list the next morning and get around to your order, when they go to pick it, the item could have sold out already!

      That's probably what happened to your order, which sucks! Sorry!