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Disney Villainous Board Game $46.18, Perfectly Wretched Expansion $32.98 + Delivery ($0 w.Prime & $49 Spend) @ Amazon US via AU


Perfectly Wretched

All time lows if I'm interpreting a certain camel correctly. I was not

Asymmetric game where each player takes the role of a Disney Villain trying to achieve a character-specific win condition, I've heard people refer to this as a good gateway game, especially for people who are into Disney.

Disney Villainous: 7.1 on boardgamegeek
Perfectly wretched: 8.0 and is compatible with but DOES NOT require the base game.

Edit: I missed it earlier but there's also the "Evil Comes Prepared" Expansion for 32.98 from amazon US in the other sellers tab. That one has been cheaper though.

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  • +1

    Camelx3 lowest price is 43.82, not far from current price
    3rd party lowest price is the current price

    ps you need to get two different expansions to get Scar and Cruella

  • Thanks, grabbed the main game and Evil comes prepared expansion (needed me some scar in the game)

  • Thank you, OP. Like Borris, I too grabbed the main game and the expansion pack. Wife's Xmas present sorted.

  • This is an awesome game

  • It's a shame that the base game on it's own is not enough to qualify for free shipping ($49 minimum), which pushes up the price to $65 delivered.

  • I want this…badly…but the $49 minimum.

    Don't suppose anyone in the Wollongong area willing to pool and buy 2 to avoid shipping,?

    Edit: Ok I ended up getting the expansion…but preferably…does anyone know if I can cancel the expansion and not get charged shipping now that I paid for free shipping?

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