Domain and Email Recommendations for Personal Website

Hi Folks

I have a personal website ,which I use for my professional profile. I started it last year and got it done by someone through Upwork . I purchased the domain from Godaddy at below rates, now I need to renew it but as expected the rates have changed drastically.

Economy Linux Hosting with cPanel -1 Plan 1 Year $18.00 —— This year $23.95
Office 365 Starter Email - 1 User 1 Year $0.00 —— This year $83.88
.COM Domain Registration- 1 Domain 1 Year $0.25

Total $20.08 ——this year $107

Obviously they wanted to lure me in the first year .
Do you guys know any alternatives where I could transfer my domain at a cheaper rate, I dont use my website much except periodic update every 4-5 months.
But I do use the email regularly.
Would my email change if I use a new provider?

update the Linux hosting with cPanel renewal is $131, total is now $162 with some coupon


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    I personally use Uptime for my personal website and email. Have 2 domains, 1 for email only and 1 for website hosting / email, both contained under the one hosting package. Support when transferring was fantastic, no matter how silly my questions were.

    They also have cPanel plans so you can stick with what you're familiar with, I reckon the "Mini" plan for $36/year would suit you fine. Keep an eye on the bargains listing for sales.

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    Looks like the only issue is the email, you are paying for a Office 365 mailbox instead of using the mail services included/supported with cPanel.
    You can easily just switch to one of the free email services that is compatible with cPanel, assuming GoDaddy provide them, which I'm sure they would.
    Just message GoDaddy and ask the question about switching. They prob won't be able to transfer the contents of your current mailbox without you providing access, but you could easily just save a copy of emails to your local machine.

    Edit: I'm in no way suggesting you stick with GoDaddy, I can't stand them, but for most users I'm sure they would be fine with decent support. Plenty of local (Aus) based smaller companies that could use your support though.

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    Just for the domain, I use porkbun now.

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    I pay $200 a year for my server panel. I don't bother hosting email because it's 2020. Don't know why they are charging you 25 cents for a year of a domain.

    $107 is like, an hour of a designers time, or three hours of a junior. If you spend more than three hours thinking about this then.

    Don't listen to dheywood, don't host your email on your own server or through cpanel just to save a few bucks. Don't even use your server email capability for transactional mail, it's not worth it.

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    Depending on your site's requirements, the AWS free tier would probably be sufficient. Then presto, no more hosting charges.


      Too complex for me.


      Nice. I didn't know about their free tier.


      Google cloud also has free tier.


    I don't do much website stuff anymore so there may be better options.

    For domains, namesilo is good and cheap, but last time I checked, it doesn't do .au address. I think you might save $3/year or so for switching for a .com address. For .au domains, I use godaddy.

    The web hosting I'd suggest using is Digital Ocean, but it's about $60/yr. I think that's more expensive than you're already paying but you can host as many small sites as you have on a single VPS.

    I have an old legacy account with godaddy, so I get email accounts free with my old domains. I don't know when they changed, but the newer ones seem to charge a fair wack for email hosting, so I've never had to look. Google has a business email solution but it's more expensive than you're already paying. If you got your own VPS, you'd be able to set up your own email server, but I'm not sure its worth the effort and added risk to save less than $100.

    Most of the solutions I looked at were more aimed at getting the price of hosting multiple domains down, not a single domain.

    If you want easy, stick with godaddy.


    VentraIP/Zuver has very competitive hosting rates and is a local company, however it's not the hosting that's your problem.

    You paid $0 for the first year of Office365, and now it's $83.88 for the second year. That sounds about right, and you won't find much cheaper.