Domestic Travel Insurance (Australia) for 2021 trips

What's everyone doing for protecting their domestic travel arrangements for 2021 for sudden border closures etc?
I've never had domestic travel insurance before and can't really tell from a lot of PDS information if they cover for cancellation due to covid state border closures etc (I guess this is unprecedented prior to 2020 that states would close borders with less than 24 hours notice). Obviously a lot of insurance websites still state there is no cover available while the DFAT rating is 'do not travel' but I am assuming that is specific to international travel.

Some bookings I plan to make for domestic travel next year are pretty pricey (hooray for $$ aussie travel) so wanting to think about this a bit more carefully.

Please leave your suggestions or suggested policies below!


  • Only make bookings with free cancellations.

    • Have done so for accommodation, but flights are cancel for credit. Not sure if there's any better way to cover that.

  • You won't be covered for covid/pandemic related issues.

    I've booked some domestic travel insurance, basically for the car hire excess insurance as it's cheaper than taking it out with the rental agent. The domestic travel insuarance was $60 for a week for the two of us. It will cover for loss of luggace, theft etc too but anything pandemic related isn't covered.

    I've had a few flights cancelled with Jetstar and AirAsia during the pandemic and both have given full refunds. I think generally if the flight is cancelled you will get a refund, just stick to your guns and don't accept the first offer of credit. If you decide not to fly then you may be out of luck, or you may have the option of credit.

  • You can try 1cover? I was looking at domestic car excess cover (it was $90 for the insurance) vs paying the daily rate to reduce excess which was in excess of $300 in total. Guess I went for the domestic insurance. I have had multi trip yearly international cover the past 13 years … and this is the first time due to travel restrictions I have let it lapse.
    Dont know how it covers Covid, don't really care - as it is domestic travel in any case.