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Wahl Stainless Steel Lithium Ion Beard Trimmer $125 ($115 w/ $10 Sign up Coupon) @ Shaver Shop


Made in The USA 🇺🇸

The blue version of the Wahl Stainless Steel Lithium Ion Beard Trimmer is on sale at the moment at a great price. Additional $10 off when you sign up to their mailing list which brings it down to $115

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  • Pretty sure that means the price in the title should be listed as $125.

    • just use incognito tab for $10 "new user" discount with shaver shop, done it a few times.

      Alternately, a temp email account works for signup bonus..

  • For anyone considering, bloody good trimmer with amazing battery life.

    • Agree with the above - decent for trimming facial hair.
      Great battery life, excellent kit with plenty of combs in different shapes and sizes, easy maintenance (cleaning and oiling), and overall solid build and performance.
      Purchased this back in early August at $179.

  • Could this also be used to cut / trim hair on your noggin?

    • It could, but the blade is narrow and so cutting head hair could take a lot of time. Also if you're trying to cut a thick head of hair, you would need to pause and shake the blade off much more often compared to a trimmer designed for head hair. Alternatively, if you're only using it to maintain a shaved head like a 0 - 2 and are trimming it often, then this would probably be adequate.

    • I use it for this very reason and have for the past 2 years. Did eventually have to get the blade sharpened. This is for no hair though and then finish it off with a normal razor.

  • Not recommended , Battery is good but the machine was kept in Bathrooms, moist and humidity made the machine stay ON and light stays ON which drains the battery , getting rust on adaptor pins as well..

  • This beard trimmer is great. I have read its reviews on other websites as well.

  • The blue one in the link is sold out but this one (in Slate) is still available. Just purchased it then. Thanks OP

    • just got one - thanks mate

    • Mine just arrived. FYI the various plastic parts that allow you to adjust the length of cutting are from China and are very flimsy, low-quality parts. It's should not be enough of an issue to deter you from the deal, but it's nevertheless a let-down. Seriously though, it's hard to imagine these as being of a lower quality than what they are