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25% off Snagit Screen Capture A$57.33, Camtasia Screen Recorder A$286.68, or Both for A$315.34 @ Techsmith Software


"Cyber Monday Sale! Save 25% sitewide* during TechSmith’s biggest sale of the year! Exclusions apply."

I finally upgraded the old Snagit I got in the Humble Bundle a couple of years ago.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • +1

    Snagit is a handy piece of software but damn it's resource hungry!

  • Good price for SnagIt (it almost matches the corporate rate we pay for a licence and the yearly maintenance fee).

    Tempted to get it even though I already have it on my work laptop……

    • Have you checked to see if your work's Snagit license is the kind that can be used on two PCs, as long as you're the only user and you aren't using both PCs at the same time? It might be totally legit for you to slap it on a home PC.

      • +1

        Just checked and its the same licence as retail: two installs so long as you dont use both at the same time.

        Just a matter of deciding whether using work property for personal use (and not even on my work laptop) is technically breaching fair use (public sector employee and that jazz).

        • In reality , they don’t heavily enforce the licences, I’ve had it installed on more than two devices and never had a problem. As long as it’s just you use using it you shouldn’t have an issue. But honestly they have the best maintenance model I’ve come across as for snag it it’s only about $10 a year to keep it up to date. If you want the latest version.

  • Realizing you can use the Xbox game bar to record really well (except for the desktop) is a game changer!
    Win+G and hit record

  • Once you buy it, if you want to keep snag it up to date it’s only about $10 au a year. Pretty fair I reckon. Great software.

    • +1

      Thats what I like about their model! You buy the base licence and then renew a maintenance sub licence each year. When you dont renew it, you still have licenced software; you're just not entitled to future versions and priority support.

  • Camtasia is very $$$ but it is really good software. Worth it if you do a lot of screen recording

  • +1

    Or use OBS for free? 🤷‍♂️

  • I really miss Snagit at home, I might just bite this, snip and sketch built into windows is nice but it's usability is lacking frequent use efficiency.

    • Going to buy the education version, brings the price down even more 🤤
      Snagit® 2021 Education $34.38 AUD
      Snagit® Education Maintenance ( Year One Only )
      $8.58 AUD

  • thank you, OP
    I bought one.

    • No problemo.

      I was tracking a bunch of software. Shame there was never a sale for Sublime Text, EditPad Pro or Directory Opus, or a Humble Software Bundle.

      • Directory Opus

        Back when Humble Bundle was 'good', it was in the Lifehacker bundle.
        A Humble Software Bundle thats truly great is far and few between, quality really took a nosedive when Humble got taken over.
        The monthly game bundles are mostly terrible now.

        • +1

          Back when Humble Bundle was 'good', it was in the Lifehacker bundle.

          That's where I originally got it, but I need more licenses. :)

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