Is G.Skill 32GB 3600MHz Ripjaws V RAM Kit (F4-3600C18D-32GVK) a Good Choice for Ryzen 5000 if I Don't Plan to OC RAM?

It's on sale right now for around $190, plus 15% Shopback cashback, I'm looking at around $160 for it, which seems like a really good deal, but just wondering if this is good enough to pair it with Ryzen 5900X, if my use case is gaming and Plex transcoding. Not planning to overclock, just going to use default XMP profile at 1800MHz.

How does this compare to the Crucial Ballistix 32gb cl16 (can be had for $230 if in stock), which seems to be the RAM of choice with overclockers. So looking at $70 difference here, should I pull the trigger now or wait for Crucial if I don't OC, and will they make any difference in fps in games?


  • I think that Gskill has timings of 18-22-22-42 which are terrible compared to the 16-18-18-36 of the crucial. Haven't been any good deals for crucial ballistix this time around compared to prime day though

    • yeh timing seems pretty bad, but would that affect me in gaming/productivity tasks if I don't plan to OC above 3600mhz?

      • Yes because your timings are 10% looser.

  • Consider whether it is on the QVL list for your motherboard.

    I don't believe Ripjaws are on QVL list for Gigabyte b550 and x570 (and another big maker). That's not to say it won't be suitable - but a warning is present.

    • Yeh I decided against buying it, will wait for crucial memory. I got Asus gaming-f B550 motherboard, funnily enough, neither of the above mentioned RAMs are on the QVL list

      • +1

        These sticks might go well for you. I have a pair in one of the PCs.

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