Any Suggestion of Good Wall Mount for Samsung 75 Inch TV ?

I just recently purchased Q60T 75" and i am after a good wall mount. Anyone have any idea about better brand? Which one to buy: Tilt or fixed one no clue.

Any recommendation will be appreciated.



  • Well do you need your TV tilted? People don't normally muck around their TV once installed unless you have a giant and a tiny person at home.
    Any mount within your budget will do. A good mount is one that is installed properly. Make sure the mount specification is rated for your TV.

  • No one is giant at home. My lil one is only 4 year old. I was even thinking the one stay fixed no tilt. No sure what specs i look and where to buy? Does it has to be VESA approved?

  • I have both tilt ones and slim line ones. As @brokenglish mentioned, once its on the wall you will hardly touch the TV until you buy new equipment to connect at the back/side of the tv. I prefer slim ones as it sits flush with the wall. Tilted ones tend to pop out atleast few inches from the wall mount. Other than that, once its set and adjusted when it was mounted, I don't think I ever tried tilting it again. The advantage of tilted ones is its easier to plug in new cables as it slides out as opposed to take the TV off the wall in the slim line ones. It all comes down to aesthetics and does the gap in the tilted mount bother you or not? I bought Sanus tilted ones from Costco when they were on specials and the slim mounted ones were negotiated at JB when the TV was purchased.

  • I was in the same boat about 3 years ago, ended up going with some slim ones (none tilt) from Selby and I've never felt that I've missed out on any tilting action.

    I mounted my 75" Samsung on this:

    Very solid construction and slim. I've taken the tv off and on multiple times while installing a floating tv unit with no issues. While on the wall you can pull cables out but pretty much impossible to put cables in lol

    I found that running an extended usb cable from the tv gets a bit hot, so I ended up taking it out. Just something to be aware of when you're running your cables. Make sure you get good quality HDMIs, I ran crappy ebay ones and had to replace one and it was a nightmare lol

    I read that the Kogan slim tv mounts bends, best to avoid these.